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    Re: Latest serious 997 infos

    GM Austin said: The M96 motor will continue to evolve and improve and it will be the practical choice for the entry 911. I think they will solve the rear main seal issue which seems to be a problem with an occasional out of round casting. This is a quality control issue rather than a defective design issue.

    I hope you are right but personally I'm not that optimistic. Its not that ocasional, and seems to be a design flaw (rumored to be the support of the crankshaft) and not a quality control issue since they haven't been able to fix in 7 years of production. And not even after the 3.6L evolution of the engine or the boxster 2.5 "S" engine, so with the next increase in displacement for the 997 its going to be like the "new" 2002 3.6L: the RMS issue will remain the same I'm afraid. Also people who get a "new" engine from an RMS leak still sometimes get an RMS leak again (and the engine is actually a rebuilt engine at factory so there should be even less quality issues).

    I guess its more profitable for them to knowingly produce defective RMS engines and repair them if still under warraty (if not then its the owners problme now) than to fix the problem which would require designing a new engine not just fixing a quiality control issue. So I would not trust them if they tell us that the problem is fixed until the first 997 show no sign of it within a year, its so comon that if its still there, plenty will start to surface in the first months. I wonder if they calculated the profit loss/gain b/w how many 996 owners are not going to buy the 997 if it has the same underpowered RMS faulty engine (for fear or principle) vs R&D costs of a new engine design (with more ponies!! )?

    What's wrong with the 996 enigne?

    You know Carlito, I think the 996 engine is gonna be with us for a long while.
    I personnally think it is a masterpiece, very reliable, plenty of torque, extremely versatile.
    Look at the 911's previous engine, it lasted for 35 years!!!
    Yes guys, the 993 air cooled 3.6L engine is just an evolution of the 2L engine of the 1963 911 It's the same block
    Heavily modified of course.
    The best read you'll find on that is the 911 story by Paul Frere, very good book.

    Re: What's wrong with the 996 enigne?

    Unless Porsche plans to offer only 350HP from the 911 for a long time maybe because thats the maximum that you can extract from that engine without forced induction I'm sure if you got the GT3 based engine in the 997 instead you wont protest, and neither would I, now thats a masterpiece

    Re: What's wrong with the 996 enigne?

    Fanch - Actually, AFAIK the block of the 911 of 1963 did not last 35yrs. It changed several times, most notably in 1978 when it changed from Magnesium to Aluminum. I also think it changed when it went from 3.0L to 3.2L (1984) and from 3.2L to 3.6L (1989) and may have changed at other points as well.

    Re: Latest serious 997 infos

    I have my doubts that the narrow and wide bodies are coming out together, is unporschelike. I really like one of the first theories that the C2,C4 as well as the S versions (C2S & C4S) will come out in narrow body version, something like the Boxster and Boxster S, same body different power and details, I believe that is the way its going to be. Later the Cabrios in al aspirated version then widebodies starting with the Turbo and then going into the widebodies in aspirated form. Everything else in Fanch's info seem likely to happen.
    Just my opinion, ok.

    Re: What's wrong with the 996 enigne?

    My mistake sorry...
    I just like the fact that it could have been the same block.
    I'm a romantic, and the 911 is our love story!

    M96 Rear Main Seal

    Panorama magazine has an excellent technical section where the real main seal issue is discussed frequently. The question and answer sessions are also available to everyone on the Porsche Club of America website. Here is a sample response to a reader's RMS question:

    The issue is as follows. The crankshaft is sealed by the RMS. The crankshaft rides in a cradle inside the crankcase. Some engines not representative of the class, but specifically defective, had a cradle that was misaligned relative to the case. Therefore the crankshaft rode off-center in the bore which was to be sealed by the RMS. One could argue that the hole was off-center; the result was the same, it would never seal unless corrected. Correction requires a total engine rebuild and/or at Porsche's discretion they could elect to replace such engines at their expense with new or factory remanufactured units.

    Joel Reiser - PCA WebSite - 3/13/2004



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