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    Did a little back reading but interested in what people have to say about tires...
    I had originally requested the all-season tires on my S ... it was used and the dealer had just swapped the original tires for the 19" ... drove those in some snow and it was too slick for my tastes...
    The dealer put on Bridgestone Turanza ER30's and i have been driving on those for a couple of weeks. I took my Pepper in and got a loaner Cayenne with the Pirelli Ice & snow tire. I liked those a lot, so i started looking on the internet and found the Bridgestones are a summer tire. I asked the dealer about having all season tires instead of the Bridgestones (my original contract stated all-season tires) and they said there would be no problem to change out and they would put some Continental M&S tires on as original equipment.
    I looked on and there are no feedback statistics for these tires. GM are you still running your Conti's? How do you like them?
    Any other feed back would be appreciated.

    Re: tires

    I think my Continental 18" M&S are great! I also have no idea how they would perform in the snow! I'm in Austin Texas you know.

    I had originally ordered the Pirelli Scorpion A/T tire but it was unavailable from Porsche at the time my car came in. The dealer gave me the Continental and said he would trade when the A/T's became available. Well, that never happened. He thought he would order a car with the A/T's installed and swap out when it arrived but I believe the A/T's can only be purchased through Tequipment or a third party.

    I am happy it worked out as it did. I was concerned that the Continental was too delicate for serious off-road use. The Pirelli Scorpion A/T appeared to be designed for some abuse and would presumably have thicker sidewalls and more robust construction. I have now heard from three unrelated sources though that the Scorpion A/T is prone to failure. I have heard of two tread seperation issues and one blowout while off-road driving.

    I was in the Cayenne that had the off-road blowout and I have no idea what the cause was. We were on a maintained gravel road driving at what I would condsider moderate speeds. I have certainly driven the Continentals on much more rugged roads at much higher speeds. Anyway, the Pirelli blew out with two holes in the sidewall! So, maybe the Continentals are not as delicate as I thought.

    On highway the Continental Contact M&S has a 150mph rating and has all the cornering grip I need. I have often wished it didn't have quite so much grip. I would like to turn the PSM off and get the Cayenne to drift through some corners. This has proven more difficult than I would have expected. I can induce some slippage but not the full blown four wheel drift I am after. Even in the dirt with PSM off I find it difficult, but not impossible, to break the rearend loose with the throttle. I am beginning to think PSM is never fully off. I am actually anxious to attend one of the local PCA's DE events where I can explore the on-road limits on the track.

    Do I like the Continentals? Yes! They are a great all-purpose tire that have all the dry and wet cornering grip you can use in a Cayenne and they look like they might perform adequately, but not great, in the snow. And I will add that they have been reliable off-road so far. No complaints.

    Re: tires

    I have been using the 18" Pirelli Scorpion Snow & Ice in Alaska all winter and they have worked out great. On pure, slick ice they do not grip as well as studded tires and have done some sliding in those conditions. Otherwise, they have preformed better than I anticipated in some ugly conditions.



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