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    Real messed up

    I was talking to the local dealer yesterday he mentioned that some A..hole(s) dented about 8 Porsche in their lot. 4 911 and 3 Cayman and 1 Cayenne.

    Apparently when they ran the security video they saw someone (couldn't identify) was having fun hitting these are with huge pieces of ice which didn't leave any trace for the police either.

    They're sick people out there .

    Re: Real messed up

    There are definitely some wierdoes out there .... sad to hear that.

    Re: Real messed up

    Not sick, just f'kng stupid beyond comprehension.


    Not cruel punishment, only unusual; let's change that.

    Re: Real messed up

    Recent immigrant from New Orleans ?

    Re: Real messed up

    jcs said:
    Recent immigrant from New Orleans ?

    Crime has for sure increased but I wouldn't stereotype however there is some truth to that .

    Re: Real messed up


    Re: Real messed up

    Now lets say that some unsuspecting customer (you or me) buys a brand new Porsche 911 from that dealer - and he does not disclose that the car was repaired. Who is the criminal now? And all criminals in Houston are not from New Orleans. All people from New Orleans are not criminals. Some people from New Orleans are honest hard working Americans.

    Re: Real messed up

    jplanaux said:
    Now lets say that some unsuspecting customer (you or me) buys a brand new Porsche 911 from that dealer - and he does not disclose that the car was repaired. Who is the criminal now? And all criminals in Houston are not from New Orleans. All people from New Orleans are not criminals. Some people from New Orleans are honest hard working Americans.

    You're absolutely right.

    Re: Real messed up

    Immigrants are everywhere. What's that got to do with crime or New Orleans??

    Re: Real messed up

    WTL1 said:
    Immigrants are everywhere. What's that got to do with crime or New Orleans??

    The point that he was trying to make was that there has been a massive upsurge in people moving to Houston from New Orleans since the storm. Houston has had a tought time dealing with it,--from many perspectives.

    Re: Real messed up

    Also it's a fact that Nawlins now has a BIG crime problem. Nothing politically incorrect about calling attention to that fact.

    Re: Real messed up

    Vandalism sucks...

    And I agree, don't think the initial 'Orleans comment was intended as a slander to all who lived there... a bit of an over-reaction...

    Re: Real messed up

    WHY ???

    Re: Real messed up

    I wasn't taking offense to the New Orleans undesirables that have moved to Houston.

    I was making a point that the real criminal would be the salesman who didn't disclose that the brand new Porsche you were driving away in had in fact been repaired a week ago.

    As far as the person who performed the deed on the car - of course he was from New Orleans. There was no vandalism occuring prior to the hurricane. It has to be someone from New Orleans. Houston was the most safest city to live in. No murder, crimes or anything else.

    And because of the hurrican, we now have an implosion of Mexicans. I guess they didn't come from Mexico, they must have come from Houston?????

    Re: Real messed up

    Isn't there some way of checking on whether the car had been repaired, through some organization that tracks insurance claims? I know that there is a record of this for used cars, especially to protect buyers from getting stuck with cars that have been damaged by floods.


    Re: Real messed up

    Also, if the cars require paint/body to be repaired, even the most skillfull and perfect repair will have to have a mask-line, SOMEWHERE, in a door jamb or trunk or decklid jamb. Or a blend, or some overspray, there's always something to throw up a red flag, even when the repair is done with beautiful craftsmanship and care. Inspecting a car for prior work isn't rocket-science, so there's blame to go all around when a dealership doesn't disclose prior repairs, and a buyer is too oblivious or careless to perform due-diligence.

    I look a new car over with a fine-friggin-tooth comb before I sign the papers, nothing cosmetic is going to get past me, whether I'm told of it up front or not.

    I also feel that if a dent can be repaired using the "paintless dent repair" methods, there's no harm and no foul, and nothing much to disclose even if the dealership told you "we had a dent repaired by the paintless guy". In effect, the damage is GONE when a skilled one of those guys does their magic. And if you can still see where the dent was, if the metal is fatigued or wavy in the area, or evidence of the prior dent is still ever-so-slightly visible due to a crease or fold too complex or severe to remove 100%, then again... Open your eyes consumer, put on your glasses, it's not like the car sits on the showroom floor in a box or wrapping paper.

    I'm not saying it's o.k. for dealers to not disclose prior issues. I'm saying shame-on-you if you allow an unethical dealer to get over on you...

    Re: Real messed up

    Unless the law in your jurisdiction provides you with some form of consumer protection safety net or unless your dealer makes a misrepresentation about the past history of the car or its paint/bodywork condition, it's "caveat emptor" (buyer beware) in most cases.

    Re: Real messed up

    You guys are incredible. A dealer has cars vandalized and somehow it turns to people who move to Texas. I guess crime never happened in Texas before. I'm sure they never even needed a police department.

    People crime is everywhere, always has been and always will be. Hell our good old USA was started via crime.

    It is a shame that people will destroy cars for no reason. We have crazy people living in this world. There is no doubt about that.

    Let's turn our discussion back to our crazy passion of P-cars.

    Re: Real messed up

    Well said Bstew!!! There is no crime in Texas... I guess the rumor that a president was once assassinated in Texas is just... a rumor!!!

    Let's keep stereotyping out of this and, instead, let's thank the good people of Texas for opening their hearts by welcoming the displaced, unfortunate folks from New Orleans!!!

    Re: Real messed up

    gmp said:
    There is no crime in Texas...


    Re: Real messed up

    gmp said:

    Let's keep stereotyping out of this

    The rules:

    Stay away from all negative comments (implied or overt) about race.

    Stereotype all you want about cities, animals, professions, objects, and political leaders. Realize that when you sterrotype in this way you are acting willfully ignorantly and are, to a small degree and the effects are cumulative, lessening your enjoyment of life.

    Admit that you (humans in all cultures) are AT BEST a slight degree racist. You can admit this and make sure you also recognize how much you DISLIKE that quality in yourself. This way you can work on self-improvment.

    Sermon over.



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