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    Offroading on 20" wheels?

    Has anyone tried taking thier cayenne off road with 20" wheels? Would appreciate any experiances / recommendations.

    Here's a pic of my cayenne with tinted windows (taken from mobile so low quality image). My father will be getting a very special turbo shortly and will post the pic when it arrives in mid March.

    Re: Offroading on 20" wheels?

    I have not been off-roading on 20" wheels but I do a good bit on 18" and can tell you that the ride can get tiresome after a few hours of driving on rocky road, even on the comfort setting. I was so thankful when I would hit sandy creek bottom and get some relief from the constant pounding. I am going to experiment with tire pressure next time, maybe lowering it to 36/40. I would think the 20" would be even rougher.

    Re: Offroading on 20" wheels?

    I've driven mine off pavement many times. It's equipped with 295/45R20s on 20x10" wheels; see this album . Based on the number of wheels I've bent and rock-gouged slightly, next time they'll be 20x9.5s. Haven't damaged a tire yet. The ride seems fine. Maybe with the 0.1 - 5MPH rock-and-trail crawling I do (see this album ), any tire but a big balloon would ride OK-ly.

    I'd prefer 50- or 55-series tires for off-pavement work but can't get them wide enough and small enough that way. These are 30.4" in diameter compared with the stock 29"ers; they rub nowhere, but I believe maybe a 31"er would. Of course with the taller tires, the effective gear ratio gets higher; maybe it's time for someone to buy the Toureg's 4.56s and install in a Cayenne with taller (than 30.4") tires!?!? Or even just the S's 4.1s in the Turbo!?!?

    Re: Offroading on 20" wheels?

    Not recommended. If you're talking about sand, it is OK (don't forget to lower tire pressure... ) but forget about rocks, etc.
    It isn't safe for the tire and not healthy for the rim, no matter what (good) experience other have made. You can't see a tire damage with your plain eyes and rim damages are sometimes unvisible too (especially when the rims gets damaged from the inside).
    Get a second set of 18'' rims with offroad tires and you're set.

    Re: Offroading on 20" wheels?

    Actually, the only thing that matters regarding this particular type of damage is the sidewall; there is little difference in off-road capability whether you are using 18's, 20's, or even 15's, accept the sidewall height (all other things like ply being equal -- and yes it will still be a rougher ride, but that goes to Your ability to tolerate it, not the equipments).

    Average sidewall height for 18's is about 6 inches; for 20's it's about 4.5-5. That is why the damage occurs. Stepping up to a larger series tire (ie a 295/45r20) with a 5.5-6 inch sidewall mitigates the difference pretty well. Of course, if you really want to get out there hard in rocky, craggy terrain, your best bet would be to drop to 15's and have 8 inches of sidewall!

    The other issue here is rim width; a 9.5 will be a bit less likely to be damaged than a 10, but there is a limit to how narrow one can go based on the rubber.

    Re: Offroading on 20" wheels?

    I agree with everything jdrive says. In the case of the Cayenne, we don't have that much latitude for experimentation. I believe it has been established that 18" is the smallest front wheel you can put on the S or Turbo because of clearance to the brakes. Jeffrey believes he has established 30.5" as the maximum tire height before you start rubbing the fenderwell.

    Re: Offroading on 20" wheels?

    Turns out that running the Toyo's in the 295/45vr20 config as both Jeffrey and I are doing may or may not rub depending on wheel selection. The Gemballa two-piecers I am running (20x10) have a very aggressive offset and do ever-so-slightly rub the front fender at maximum articulation. Not an issue though, as I will heat gun the front well arch a bit to overcome it.

    Re: Offroading on 20" wheels?

    jdrive, what's the backspace of your wheels? I don't know what '...a very aggressive offset...' means. Mine are 7.2", very slightly less than that of the stock wheels.

    Re: Offroading on 20" wheels?

    6.8", which is aggressive! Necessitated 7mm spacers to accomodate the larger Brembo's. Offset is just the difference from the centerline to the dish, btw, but I actually prefer backspace as well since everyone seems to get confused with offsets (including me -- is it negative? Is it positive? No one can agree...). Still, seems like everyone talks offset these days and it gets hard to shake.

    Incidentally, my wheels are 9.5, not 10 as I incorrectly typed above.



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