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I’ve just installed the best (IMO) passive/silent alarm and theft system.  It’s call GPS Snitch.  Their web site is http://gps-snitch.com/marketing/moreAbout.html    The actual unit is a small and portable combination of GPS and wireless (cell ph) technology, supported by an intuitive web interface. It protects your belongings through real-time GPS tracking and security-related technology. Based on how you set up the notices, you receive text (SMS) and / or email alerts.

GPS Snitch can tell you where it’s located, from your web browser, in real-time. It can tell you where your loved ones are when a phone call isn’t possible. It can also help teenagers or business.  A big plus,  it can also help you recover your vehicle in the event that it’s stolen.

Three key features:

1.     Remote Tracking

GPS Snitch delivers you the tools to track remotely in real-time, through schedule, and even auto-tracking when the security features are triggered while armed. GPS tracking technology enables you to conveniently hide GPS Snitch to ensure stealthy operation. I’ve never seen a product on the market that performs like GPS Snitch for a very low cost.


2.     Motion Sensing technology

GPS Snitch empowers you with the ultimate in security for your vehicles and any other possessions you would like to protect. Motion sensing technology alerts you when someone tampers with your belongings.


3.     Instant Mobile Alerting

Know when someone breaks into your vehicle. Know when your vehicle has been stolen. GPS Snitch alerts you instantly through email and SMS (text message)

I also have Lo-Jack with early warning…. But this GPS Snitch is better.  Together, you’ll have the ultimate theft system with recovery.  Check out the web site.. much more info… include Google Earth map tracking, etc.

BTW, I hard wired mine and placed the unit in the cubby hole behind the passenger set head rest…. But it could go in many places.  I arm, track, turn on/off vis the web link from my iPhone (or any web access device).

Good luck…. Mark