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    Exterior paint care

    I just took delivery on my Seal Grey C4S and I'm in love. Any advice on specific products or techniques to care for the exterior paint? I want to avoid all those horrible fine scratches that appeared on my old car's paint.

    Re: Exterior paint care

    Check out Larry Reynold's
    His advice is excellent and products are the right ones.

    Re: Exterior paint care

    Thanks! It's a great resource for exactly what I need to know.

    Re: Exterior paint care

    I have been using Zymol and they seem to have very good products too.

    Re: Exterior paint care

    I too enjoy Zymol and their products.

    '03 Boxster

    Re: Exterior paint care

    I swore by Zymol for 15 years on my first 3 Porsches. It has a great shine, but doesn't last long at all, and the application/removal process isn't the easiest.

    I heard good things about One Grand Blitz wax:

    I've used it on 2 cars now, and like it a lot. Apply to entire car then buff off--takes 20 minutes with very little effort. The best part is it lasts a really long time. And it's one-third the price of the cheapest Zymol...

    Re: Exterior paint care

    Hi Andrew,

    I think Poursha has hit the nail on the head. Looking after the paint has to be reasonably convenient for you to keep it up, because you'll have to find time every three to six months to strip the wax, reapply and buff to a good shine.

    As for washing, my approach (which seems to be working) is to either wash the car carefully and properly or to leave it alone. I use the same method with my camera lenses, as improper cleaning is the cause of most damage. So I avoid intermediate cleaning. If it looks cruddy and I'm about to head out, I'll get everything ready to go, including the kids, then wash it and drive off while the water is still dripping off. The wind will dry it pretty well and it'll look OK. But normally its a sudsy wash with Meguires Gold Class shampoo, and then a careful and complete dry with towelling nappies. Remember under the lids, the door sills, etc. One thing I've recently started doing is using a mitt to sweep over the insides of the wheels - this makes a real difference to appearance. Waxing them helps too.

    Once each 12 months I've used the Porsche polish that came with the car and it's great. The Porsche wax is also good, but a pain to buff off. Meguires Gold Class wax is easier to put on and get off, but doesn't last quite as long, and tends to show white residue upon subsequent washes.

    Doing things in the right order is helpful and can save you chasing your tail.
    1. With the car in the shade, start on the wheels, outside and inside. Blast the dust out of the brakes with the hose (explained later). Use a mitt to save nicking your hands as you clean the insides.

    2. Hose down and wash the body, and wash again if needed. I tend to do the top half first and the bottom half second, rinsing the sponge from time to time. Keep things wet to avoid scratches.

    c. Do a final rinse off using a naked hose end and a slow and unbroken stream of water, so that the water drops pool together and sluice off, leaving the paint virtually dry (if the wax is still good).

    ii) Mop up the remaining drops without delay, especially if there's sun about, or water marks will result. Eeek!

    4. Now that the body is dry you can relax a bit and dry the wheels, the sills and under the lids. Raise the spoiler first, as if you do it later it'll spill water everywhere. Some put the spoiler up before washing.

    7. The mirrors will keep dripping for ages and when you take the car slowly around the block to dry the brakes they'll mess up the whole side of the car. Wifey made me some mirror socks to catch the drips! Now this brake drying step stops them from looking icky rusty, but, a messy brake dust solution can dribble out all over your newly cleaned wheels and looks frightful when it dries. It might be an idea to go over the inside of the wheels with some Quick Detail as a final step.

    Some cautions.

    Watch out for the rear wiper - the heel of the blade can gouge the rear side panel as it snaps down when bumped or squirted. Better to leave it down or use a cable tie around the arm and through one of the holes in the blade to restrict the swivelling of the blade.

    Make sure the front wipers are down before lifting the front lid.

    I cover my air intake with a plastic bag to stop water getting in, but ya gotta remember to remove it before tearing off! Tie your keys in another bag as a prompt.

    Timing? I takes me about 30 minutes to wash the car and about another 60 to 90 to dry it and finish off. 2 hours! Yikes.

    Re: Exterior paint care

    Based on my experience the Swiss company Swizoel produces the best car care products money can buy. Apart from being expensive I have not yet experienced any disadvantages attached to these products.

    All products are based on natural ingrediences only. The wax contains about 30%-40% of Carnuba (not sure about the spelling) wax which is expensive but highly effective.

    The two key products are CleanerFluid which should be applied before the first use of the wax. In contrast to many other products of that kind CleanerFluid can also be applied to new coatings.

    The second key product is one of their waxes which is applied after the treatment with CleanerFluid. Personally, I am using the "911" wax.

    The result is really astonishing. The wax seems to protect the car for several months. Dirt can easily be removed with not much more than water. In addition, these products feature a wonderful smell...

    Highly recommended

    P.S.: Sorry RC, now we have the first thread on car care products on this forum

    Forgot one thing...

    Swizoel also offers a product which allows you to dry a car in about 5 minutes. It is called "Waterblade" and is a great invention



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