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    997 v's 997S - Immediate Purchase Option

    I havent driven the 997 in either guise yet so appreciate your feedback. Ive located 2 cars in the Porsche dealer network near where I live - a 997 and a 997S. Both black/black, the 997 has 19"/PASM/Sport Chrono/Bose/Pwr Seats/BiXenon. The 997 S is Black/Black and has Nav/Bose/Pwr Seats/6 Disc. Only $7k difference between them based on my chats with the dealer.

    Going to buy one of them for sure - no brainer to buy the 997S right? Im doing this all remote hence not being able to drive both to make the decision - and asking for some feedback from you all. Appreciate your perspectives.

    Re: 997 v's 997S - Immediate Purchase Option

    Everything I've read says that the non-S is a fantastic value and feels nearly as good as the S. For me, however, I really felt like I needed the extra .2 liters of displacement - Even if it was to satisfy my own ego. You're already paying a substantial sum of money so I see little reason to deprive yourself of the maximum allowable automotive experience.

    Is there any way to can drive them both first?

    Re: 997 v's 997S - Immediate Purchase Option

    Thanks for the feedback. Not going to be anyway I can get to drive either car. As the 997 has PASM/19"/Chrono Plus I was wondering how close its going to be as a driving experience to the S?

    Re: 997 v's 997S - Immediate Purchase Option

    Good luck, Flashman! You might want to sit in the new sport seats though before taking one with regular pwr seats - they are really wonderful!

    Re: 997 v's 997S - Immediate Purchase Option

    find a local dealer and test drive both

    i would go for the S no matter the price difference.

    Re: 997 v's 997S - Immediate Purchase Option

    For just 7k difference you will be getting Turbo brakes and superior engine. Two things you can't have on the 997 later on even if you paid for it. A 7k difference that you will likely get at least that much back in resale value vs the base 997 when you sell it.

    Re: 997 v's 997S - Immediate Purchase Option

    get one YOU want, maybe put an order in and be patient?

    Re: 997 v's 997S - Immediate Purchase Option

    I say DRIVE BOTH!!! If you need to buy one of the two now

    Re: 997 v's 997S - Immediate Purchase Option

    Thanks everyone for the input.

    Bought the 997S this evening and feeling really pleased with the decision. Drove a 997 this afternoon and wow - what an improvement from Porsche over the 996. Decided that for a $7k difference I'd take the S as the spec is exactly what I've been looking for (and it should be even quicker). Will be in my garage mid next week.

    Really looking forward to driving this beauty around the coast and hills of Marin County.


    Re: 997 v's 997S - Immediate Purchase Option

    Congrats, Flashman! Did you used to live in Europe? Some of your cars were never US available (EVO VI, 968CS and 993 until 95)

    Re: 997 v's 997S - Immediate Purchase Option

    Yep, lived in the UK until 98, then New Zealand 98-99, UK again for the later half of 99 before moving to the USA in 00.

    Until today when I drove the 997 I'd actually have said that the EVO-VI was the fastest A-B car out there - probably be a close thing in an "amateurs" hands (I have no delusions of grandeur here!). The 968CS was pretty awesome as well (dont think it made it to the US), had many a happy hour plodding around circuits in Europe trying to wring out every last drop of performance; was a great daily commuter as well (used to have a 30 mile drive across deserted country roads to the office) and the moulded racing seats with no adjustment beyond reach were brilliant!

    I only just 'discovered' this board. Excellent discussion threads.

    Re: 997 v's 997S - Immediate Purchase Option

    good luck and have fun with your new car!!!

    only thing is that you will be missing out on the adaptive sport seats

    Re: 997 v's 997S - Immediate Purchase Option

    Good driving! S at MSRP or a discount?



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