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    Next gen Gallardo

    Please post here any info you have regarding the gallardo succesor. I don't have any lambo connections, but maybe some of you have. The main question is: will it have a CF chassis like the Aventador or will it use the next gen R8 platform (aluminium spaceframe) instead ? Second, are we going to see a brand new V10, like one would expect since we're talking about a totally new car (and since the aventador got a brand new v12)?  Also, what kind of transmission will it have ? A DSG a la ferrari 458/mclaren MP4 or a sequential ISR like it's bigger brother ? Suspension, magnetic dampers or push-rod ? Oh, and what is the expected launch date ?? 

    Re: Next gen Gallardo

     it is way too early for get real data for the gallardo replacement but, this is my personal opinion:

    CF chassis: i think not, the gallardo should remain "affordable". and the autoclave in the CF factory of lamborghini can hardly cope for the aventador, no capacity for the gallardo

    engine: the aventador got a new engine because it needed it badly, its base was still the bizzarini engine of the miura. the current gallardo engine is new, reliable and powerful. IMO they will tweak it, add DI , but no new engine.

    Gbox: no clue but IMHO, it will be the ISR, they already invested in it, and they gave reasons for this choice, changing to Dual clutch will raise questions.

    suspension: no clue; but IMO pushrod will be expensive, they need to stay with 458 price level

    launch: my info says MY2013, launch sep 2012


    2012 lamborghini Aventador (june)

    2010 jaguar XFR

    Re: Next gen Gallardo

    I seem to recall that the next-gen Gallardo is based on the next-gen R8.

    Re: Next gen Gallardo


    I seem to recall that the next-gen Gallardo is based on the next-gen R8.

     I think they need to be carefull about this particular detail. Right now the R8 is the one based in the Gallardo, so potential buyers have the idea that its "a more affordable version of a Lamborghini" and therefore may be more inclined to spend the money for it. But saying "Its basically a tuned Audi" is not going to be a selling point for a Lamborghini. 


    Re: Next gen Gallardo

    I guess this has been a dilemma for both cars in their current generation. No matter how you see it, both cars are hindered by their counterpart. As I see it, Volkswagen group might provide a technical platform to build these future-generation models on while retaining a higher degree of differentiation.

    Re: Next gen Gallardo

    My speculations:

    - Chassis will not be CF. As Dhayek said, there's no more production allocation at the Lambo factory. Not to mention as an entry level model they'll want to share chassis with the R8 to keep marginal costs low. It will probably be aluminum unibody.

    - Engine: Again, expect a VAG production engine shared across several models, but tweak for Lambo duty. The V10 was just redesigned in 2009 - however, since the Gallardo has no engine heritage, the way things are going lately with Audi and VW I do not see them doing another V10 and instead using a tightly packed TT V8 for weight and fuel economy reasons.

    - Transmission. DSG. I can't see ISR being a feature in the "baby" model.

    - Suspension. Standard electro-reo static active suspension. Gallardo won't have the expensive pushrod race car type suspension.

    - Weight: Lambo will probably find a way to shave off 100lbs off the fully laden curb weight by using some carbon fiber and light weight bits. This will offsett the need to bring the power level up.

    Re: Next gen Gallardo

    I would agree with Heist - specially since most car companies have to focus on lower emissions - displacement will mostsurely go down and be replaced by turbocharging bringing weights down etc - I honestly hope we're seeing weights drop in general across the board.

    Re: Next gen Gallardo

    I would happily take a large weight reduction over a large hp boost. Hp only increases one facet of performance.  Weight reduction benefits several facets of performance.



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