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    Re: C2S vs C4S

    All I know is that picture is of a particularly awesome execution of the car. I live in an area where I could use the C4S, but it was not even a choice for me. I came out of a 1996 993 cab, and I just bought a 997 S C2 cab. I just wanted to update my 993 with the best car I could pay cash for and it was 997 S C2. I really like the wider hips on the C4, but between the added cost and the temptation that I would drive it in the winter, I chose the C2S.

    Just my 2 cents.


    Kenny S

    Re: C2S vs C4S

    I was hell bent on buying a C4S but in the end went for a C2S - it just feels so much alive; as my first P-car I wanted the real thing - I have owned enough Quattros to last me a while.

    I was also put off by the old fashioned nature of the 4WD in the C4S - its likely that the mid-cycle update for the 997 will also introduce the TT's and Cayenne's 4WD technology which is significantly better than the old 996 4WD system carried over to the current 997.

    Re: C2S vs C4S

    Without wishing to add to the whole C2S v C4S debate which is well documented elsewhere, does anybody know if the rear seats are any narrower in the 4 because of the drive going to the front?

    Re: C2S vs C4S

    I went with a 2 as well but I have a 4 at the moment as well - long story but I have two cars to enjoy at the moment. Anyways, Walter Rohl said that the following" In normal city driving there is so little difference between the two it is amazing what Porsche has achieved. But in the snow the difference is very evident" Also, " if you want to be in full control at all times the C4 is great because the car will never get the better of you because even if you loose control to the point of no return it will save you"

    Personally, I have had a C4S sliding plenty of times, it is not as restrictive as you might think. Lastly, if you ever planning on tracking the car you buy go with the C2. The track is where the difference shows. The 4 might get you around quicker on some tracks but the 2 wil be more fun.

    Re: C2S vs C4S

    happy_spaniel said:
    Without wishing to add to the whole C2S v C4S debate which is well documented elsewhere, does anybody know if the rear seats are any narrower in the 4 because of the drive going to the front?

    no difference

    Re: C2S vs C4S

    Many thanks - as I thought, but just doing the whole child seat thing.

    Thanks again



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