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    Which black??

    Placed my order at the weekend for a new 997 2S but I am still debating a couple of options - need to go spec final by Friday if I want to take advantage of a cancelled order. I really love the agressive look of the GT3 so ive decided to go for the aerocup kit. Im also 95% sure I want black (5% thinking Atlas) and I for one think the Turbo wheels look the dogs on a Basalt Black.

    Ive been looking at pics of other cars in Black and Ive seen a few in the standard flat black from US owners. Here in the UK flat black is very rare indeed in fact I dont think I have seen a black car that isnt in Basalt!

    Given Im going for the GT3 Aerocup look would flat black better suit the looks than Basalt, or as per my previous comments is flat black is a no no here in the UK? If not and I do go for the flat black which wheel would look the best? Do the turbo wheels still look great on flat black or would another be better - maybe the carrera sports?

    Does anybody have any comparative pics of both blacks with aerokit and wheel options please?

    Re: Which black??

    There were indeed some photos some time back showing a C2S with GT3 aerokit and Turbo wheels. Perhaps somebody here can post a link.

    Just my opinion - no offence intended - but I recently saw a C2S with GT3 aerokit and Turbo wheels at OPC E London. Maybe it's just psychological on my part, but I didn't like it at all. It just seemed to have a confused character. A mixture of 3 different cars but which ended up looking like none of them. As I said, don't mean to offend - I know taste is totally personal but this was my honest reaction to what I saw.

    Unfortunately, that car isn't on display there anymore. I have to say, it was on display for a lot longer than many of the other cars they stock. Maybe it's just more of an acquired taste?

    Best of luck with your decision

    Re: Which black??

    I understand what you are saying but I for one love the look of the GT3 and the aerokit is 99% the same look / parts.

    For this reason I cant understand why people love the look of the GT3 but dont like the aerokit on any other model???? Im completely lost on this one. I dont actaully want a GT3 as there are too many compromises for me over the standard car such as loss of rear seats, harder ride, cost etc...

    I hear what you are saying that it might look like a mixture of 3 cars, but only porsche owners / enthusiasts would really ever know that. To your average Joe Public its just a 911 that makes them go "Wow, nice car"... Joe Public has no idea what wheels come with what model and which versions have the body kit looks. For instance I showed a C4S with aerokit and sportdesign wheels to my brother in the showroom and said "it will look like that one" he said "oh wow, you are getting a turbo!"... lol

    For me a 911 is not a car that is meant to be understated. A porsche is a flashy sports car, hence the image they have! - I grew up loving the old school 911s with the big whale tail and to me that is how a 911 should look now. If i wanted a grown up old mans car Id be buying a big powerful merc not a porsche... I want a young mans flash car that is fast, great to drive and wont cost me an arm and a leg to service, wont break down or fall to pieces every 5 mins. On this front a 911 with the GT3/aerokit look ticks all the boxes. Maybe its just a mid-life crisis thing

    However I realise that I am in a minority on this one and most people are happy to love the GT3 looks but not the aerokit.

    Pics still wanted / welcome please

    Re: Which black??

    I have seen two aerokit cars recently.I noticed that with the normal ride height the aerokit looked a bit of an add-on. However it blended very well with the sport suspension car(the -20mm). And it was also in non-metallic black. The package looked spot on!
    As regards the GT3 the rear bumper is totally different than the Carrera's and this enhances the aerokit effect.

    Re: Which black??

    I have C2S in Atlas over Sea Blue. Great color combination, beautiful when freshly washed and waxed. Additionally much more practical when dirty than any black finish I ever had on my previous cars. Go for Atlas!

    All mouth and no trousers

    The aerokit on a C2/S makes the owner look like a wannabe.

    Re: All mouth and no trousers

    lol... wannabe what? Im sure anybody who can afford a C2S with aerokit could afford the GT3 too, otherwise they are clearly stretching themselves too far and shouldnt be buying a 911 at all.

    I think the GT3 looks like a 911 should look, but its just too hard ass race car for me to live with.

    As I said before only a porsche owner / enthusiast (which 100% of people on this site are) would ever know the difference anyway. So as long as it looks the same, gives me the confort I prefer whats the problem?

    Re: Which black??

    fair point re the looks of the -20mm with the aerokit -v- PASM. Does the extra -10mm really make that much visual difference though? In fairness the one in the showroom with the aerokit had the -20mm and Ive no idea really about all the ones on the web ive seen pics of.

    Not sure Id want the hardness of the -20mm all the time?

    Re: Which black??

    Can I offer you some sincere advice?

    It seems like you want a comfortable 911 (inside) which will look from the outside to other people like it is really hardcore.

    If that's what you want to do, then that's fine, no problem with that. It's your money after all!

    But, personally, the fact that I would know that the car is really a C2S and not a GT3 would make all the difference to me. I care about what I will know far more than what others might think.

    Honestly, it seems to me that, deep down, you want a comfortable 911 (e.g. no -20mm for ride comfort reasons, rear seats for practical reasons etc) but you simultaneously care so much about what strangers on the street will think that you are prepared to alter the exterior to impress them. It's a bit superficial.

    I know you've already said that, in your eyes, fitting an aerokit makes the Carrera look like it should look but the example you quoted proves my point. You referred to liking the old whale tails. Back in the 80s, they were fitted on the Turbo models not on the Carrera! So the example you've given still shows that you want a Carrera on the inside but on the outside, you want it to look like one of the Turbo models you saw in your youth not how a Carrera looked before or how it should look now.

    I would suggest that you decide what kind of car you really want - comfort OR hardcore - so that there is harmony inside AND outside.

    The 997 GT3 IMO is a hardcore car that is perfect for track use but which can be used on public roads. Having a GT3 skin on top of a Carrera's innards (which is essentially a road car) makes me think of one image only: boy racers in their Evos and Imprezas.

    I agree totally with what you said about people liking the appearance of the GT3 but not liking the aerokit on a regular 997. It is completely inconsistent on their part. I have written previously to that effect (as has 69bossnine).

    I respectfully disagree with Le Chef here (and I agree with you) regarding the 'wannabee' comment. A wannabee by definition is someone who can't have something for some reason (e.g. money) but wants to imitate it anyway. I agree - if you can afford a C2S with aerokit, we're talking about nearly GT3 money anyway so, in my book, that's not a wannabee.

    It is however pretending to 'have' something you don't have for the reasons I gave previously.

    At the end of the day, my comments don't matter at all. What matters is YOUR enjoyment. Once again, hope I haven't offended you by some of the more blunt comments I may have made. Just trying to give you a constructive view.

    The bottom line is: it's YOUR money so you should enjoy it however YOU wish!

    All the best. I'll shut up now

    Re: Which black??

    Get regular black. It's free and it's a classic! Also mine is black and I love it. I wouldn't have a 911 coupe in any other color unless it was a more special car like GT3 or vintage RS or something. White and Red 2.7RS anyone?

    Re: Which black??

    Remember "black is not a color, it is a job."

    Here's the couple of pix I have, not sure if they help... .

    Re: Which black??


    Re: Which black??

    flat black wheel:

    Re: Which black??

    Adam2S, consider the GT3. It's not as hardcore as you think. I drive it EVERYDAY to work. I've seen a few C2s with aerokit and they look badass. First of all, get what you want, because in the end you have to drive the car. I've been called a "POSEUR or "POSER", too because I wanted an RS carbon fiber wing for my GT3. I just thought it looked better than standard GT3 wing, I wasn't posing. Good luck with the car, its going to look good. Just do me a favor and get some highend aftermarket wheels. I just don't like the stock wheels on the car.

    Re: Which black??

    Hi all again.

    Thanks for all the comments - no im not offended in anyway, I have a tough skin and just looking for constructive comments & feedback. In fact Im pleased but most of the comments and even had the odd chuckle reading them.

    easy_rider - you hit the nail on the head, I want a luxury sports car that looks hardcore, but isnt quite to hard to live with. Ive had hardcore cars in the past such as elises and TVRs and they are no fun to me as everyday cars. Currently on my 2nd M3 (with an E92 M3 on order) which ticks all the boxes too, but its time for a change and Ive decided to splash a little more and get something more tasty and upmarket. Not wishing to sound down, but Ive seen lots of people close to me (other directors at work etc) falling ill recently and it has reminded me that life is for living and I cant take the money with me.

    I agree with the comments re a C2S with aerokit being boy racer, but I dont see how a this applies any more or less to a GT3. GT3 may perform better on the track, but its every bit as bling - track ability doesnt make it look any less boy racer or justify the looks??? Ive love them both equally, but I strongly suspect Id fall out of love with the GT3 sooner than a C2S with badboy looks.

    Thanks for the pics too, keep them coming please - any Basalt & aerokit pics?

    Im thinking factory Turbo wheels, just to provoke a few more wannabe, bad boy comments I love them on black / dark grey cars - my next fav are the GT3 wheels but they are not an option unless I get a GT3 of course. Not so sure about after market wheels, the UK market tends to shun such things far more than in the US, so Id be warey of that. Besides I love the Turbo wheels....

    As for considering the GT3, at the end of the day the lack of rear seats is the one thing that goes too far - the rest maybe I could live with, but I feel the C2S is more for me at the mo. Can you put the rear seats back in a GT3 I wonder???????

    Am going into the dealer again tomorrow, so will see if he has a GT3 just for the hell of it.

    Currenlty debating Slate or Atlas as alternatives. Seen pics on here of both and Im impressed. Dealer has both in showroom so again, something for tomorrow.

    lol, I'll prob come home tomorrow and post on here that Ive switched to a Slate GT3 or something silly. Hmmm - Pure Orange with aerokit????

    Re: Which black??

    eeekk - Just been on to look again at a GT3. Not only can you not spec Bose but the std GT3 sound system is actually downgraded from a stock C2S!

    Crossed the line Im afraid - no rear seats and poop music.
    GT3 is not for me I fear...

    Re: Which black??

    Adam2S said:
    Ive been looking at pics of other cars in Black and Ive seen a few in the standard flat black from US owners. Here in the UK flat black is very rare indeed in fact I dont think I have seen a black car that isnt in Basalt!

    Why would you want a Porsche that is flat black? That would look sick. No gloss just a no shine black paint. I did not event know that Porsche paints there cars flat black. Pretty expensive to get it as it would be a sample to order paint. Just get the regular good old black paint.

    Its black paint not flat black paint that you want. And I am 100% sure that you have not seen a single US car that is flat black. Black paint is shiny and glossy. Flat black is called flat black because there is no shine. Flat paints is what the military uses. Are you sure that you want flat black paint?

    P.S. Show me where in any Porsche sales material they call their black paint "flat black".

    Re: Which black??

    What is meant with "flat black" is non metallic black.

    Re: Which black??

    Yes the term "flat" simply means non-metallic. The porsche name is "Black". Sorry for any confusion - maybe it was lost in the UK/US english translation

    Re: Which black??

    LOL, confusion between flat and matte...
    I've seen pics of a matte black 993 once... I think Pierre showed them. It had something very mean and Stealth-fighter like... I loved it, but I can't imagine how you clean a matte car!

    Re: Which black??

    993Targa said:
    What is meant with "flat black" is non metallic black.

    LOL. I love it. The translations are so poetic sometimes.

    In USA "flat black" means the finish (or the soot!) you'd find on an traditional black wood stove. Is that called "kettle black" somewhere else in space and time?

    Re: Which black??

    This was a toughie when I ordered my car, but I went with regular black, and don't regret it a bit... Don't worry about the "work" unless you don't enjoy that aspect. I don't consider my black "work", and when it's spotless, it's REWARDING...

    Any-hoo, here's my logic as to why regular black would be the cat's pajamas, either on an aero-kit car, or GT3...

    Because it's pure, it's deep, it's sinister, it's serious. It has more lustre.

    The reason I rank Basalt #2 for most Porsches, is because it's more of a "luxury" color. Looks fantastic and superior to regular black on an S-class Merc, or 7-series Bimmer. I also think I'd do Basalt if I were doing an optioned-to-the-hilt Cabriolet 997.

    But for 911's with more sporting, serious intentions and looks, the pure black is it. It's the appropriate dress and mood for an aero-kit car. Basalt black on the aero kit would be a tad schizoid... It's a softer look that doesn't jive with the rest of the car as you intend to spec it...

    Re: Which black??

    I'm taking delivery of a Basalt Black next week. I like the flat Black more, but was advised against it by the dealer. It apparently is a softer paint that scratches very easily. The Basalt is a far less vulnerable paint.

    Re: Which black??

    schmeet said:
    I'm taking delivery of a Basalt Black next week. I like the flat Black more, but was advised against it by the dealer. It apparently is a softer paint that scratches very easily. The Basalt is a far less vulnerable paint.

    I think it's more because the metallic flakes make the swirl marks harder to see.

    Re: Which black??

    Ive been thinking and do agree that "Black" would look more sinister etc and suited to the aerokit. However Im worried that its prob even harder (or more rewarding ) to keep clean and that for some reason the UK market just doesnt seem to like "Black". Ive yet to see a black 997 in any spec in the UK that is not Basalt.

    In terms of resale I suspect "Black" therefore might be a bad choice, in which case I may as well go whole-hog and go for Pure Orange...

    So for now its Basalt for me, but was told by the dealer today my slot has slipped a week and so Ive possibly got a stay of execution of the drop dead day for speccing by one week also.

    Re: Which black??

    Adam2S said:
    for some reason the UK market just doesnt seem to like "Black".

    I thought because it rains alot; rapidly turns clean black into dirty black.

    Re: Which black??

    lol... very true!

    Re: Which black??

    But if learn how to clean a black car and keep it from getting swirls or be able to remove them, it will look pretty nice. I have a black A3 which had dealer installed rotary buffer holograms and I took the time to learn how to remove them and keep them off. That was eight months ago and there are no swirls at all as of this last weekend. Pretty easy to maintain a black car once you learn how to care for it.



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