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    What a beauty!

    Chicago Autoshow Preview Night. Porsche has a 997TT in Olive Green Metallic and Natural Brown Leather. The rear center console and dash trim strip are also in leather. It also has Adaptives as well. I never realized what an interesting color Olive Green was, and also how rich the Natural Brown Leather was. Stunning! Stunning! Stunning!

    Now which would look better on a Cab? Olive Green + Natural Brown, or Slate Gray + Natural Brown?

    They also had a GT3 in white with red wheels and PCCBS, and the new Cayennes. Turbo looks sharpest and has an interesting chestnut brown interior color.

    Sorry no pics. My phone camera takes shots that look like the night sky over Baghdad...

    Re: What a beauty!

    olive green + cocoa

    Re: What a beauty!

    here's an ok pic of OG... .

    Olive Green = Tricky color

    In some light it looks black and in others a dark almost brown color, and in direct sunlight it goes sparkly green.

    My wife loved it (battle one!) but I still think I might prefer Slate Gray if I was spending this much money...

    Re: What a beauty!

    MMD said:
    here's an ok pic of OG... .

    oops, by "ok" I mean the best pic I could find. Better pictures will show OG is another great color often overlooked.

    Re: What a beauty!

    I strongly considered it but ended up going for the midnight blue instead......I feel it looks better with a beige interior and yellow calipers....I personally like dark interiors so I finally decided not to go ahead with that.......but do agree its a beautiful colour!

    Re: What a beauty!

    Dark Olive Green , similar to MBZ's Verde Brook , is one of those colors you have to see in person. I've seen OG 911s with natural brown and MBZ MLs with Verde Brook/ Macadamia and they are show -car stunning . But OTOH, try to sell it in the used mkt where everyone wants silver with black interior...

    You order it when it's a keeper

    In the land of "Black & Gray" an OG would probably have to be the keeper - the car you passed onto your son or grandson or nephew when you had become to infirmed to enjoy it.

    But for sure it would stand out in the crowd from all those blacks, grays and blues you see everyday.

    I was also amazed at how different Natural Brown was in real life (cue a very smug grin from Dan in Malibu). It looks much nicer in the flesh than it does in Dan's pictures - more a butterscotch color than sand beige but less red than terracotta. And it feels very different from the standard leathers which seem thin and almost plasticky by comparison.

    Re: You order it when it's a keeper

    Do you guys really think there's that many black and blue cars?

    Re: You order it when it's a keeper

    I wish there was a simple way to substitute my blue for the green,--but there is a natural brown interior to start from.

    Silver Black & Blue

    atomic80 said:
    Do you guys really think there's that many black and blue cars?

    In Chicago almost every 996 or 997 is either silver or black with gray a close third and blue a little way back in fourth. But I suspect being fairly conservative you're not likely to see many bright colors, except on the "nouveau rich" Ferrari's and Lamborghini's.

    Olive Green more thoughts

    What would the car look like with natural brown leather but with the HVAC/PCM face plate in Olive Green, the rear center console in Olive Green, and the sport seat backs in Olive Green?

    Anyone have an opinion?

    Re: Olive Green more thoughts

    I don't like the rear painted console. Paint in that area is more a reference to a stripped-down (non-carpeted) roadster or speedster of the past. IMO, it's not a GT thing.

    Seat backs are "never" seen except if the car is a Cab; waste of money IMO.

    Any options you can get to lessen the impact of an already-too-busy interior is, IMO, a good thing.

    Just my us$.02.

    Olive Green Cab

    In this case it would be a Cab (go GRRRRRR!!!! MMD) so painting the seat backs might make sense. On the rear console and panel face plate the idea was to break up the full on natural brown.

    It's interesting getting different perspectives!

    Re: Olive Green Cab

    I've stay away from a painted PCM + console combo. Unlike in the 996, the rear section console does not flow freely into the PCM area. It'd just look wrong.

    If you want to break up the full-on brown, you need a bicolor natural grey / natural brown combo with black deviated carpets and a natural grey console.

    Something like this:

    Re: Olive Green Cab

    Looks very sharp! At that point you would probably do the seat backs in natural brown as well. Nice little program you have set up there! Can you do 3D rotations?

    Re: You order it when it's a keeper

    Dan, this picture is of a great taste. The car is a stunning mix of sport and elegance.

    Re: Olive Green Cab

    The Groom said:
    I've stay away from a painted PCM + console combo. Unlike in the 996, the rear section console does not flow freely into the PCM area. It'd just look wrong.

    If you want to break up the full-on brown, you need a bicolor natural grey / natural brown combo with black deviated carpets and a natural grey console.

    Something like this:

    Laurent, could your order this special combo definitively? it is magnificent


    Re: Olive Green Cab

    Gotta ask Exclusive... I still have a little time to change my order.

    @Le Chef:
    Unfortunately, no rotation. I just took a lot of screenshots of the 3D Car Configurator and used Photoshop to separate each interior part. Then I made a Photoshop file with all parts in black and in sand beige (it'd work with natural grey and brown too). Download my Photoshop file and you'll be able to play around with colors and options just like on the Porsche website, but with the possibility to choose the color of each component.

    I did the same for the rear view, but to recreate a 3D view would take forever.
    (I didn't do a similar file for the rear view, but I have enough pictures on my laptop to recreate most combinations).

    The Groomconfigurator

    This is something Porsche should have at its dealerships. It would help customers make the right choices. Help the sales guy sell more stuff, and prevent ordering mishaps with things like contrasting stitching missed off.

    Nice work!

    Re: What a beauty!

    I agree a great combo, here's a couple of pics,

    Re: What a beauty!

    the 2nd one

    Re: The Groomconfigurator

    OK it's not a 997 but gives good color rendition

    Re: The Groomconfigurator

    here's one on a turbo

    Re: The Groomconfigurator

    I agree. The 3D configurator is pretty neat, but if you can't speak German, you're missing out on a ton of options.

    They should also make clearer what's to expect in leather-to-sample interiors. Basically all "soft lack" parts (i.e. colored plastic) are black by default. You've got to order a ton of Exclusive options to get the complete picture, and even then, the carpets and the center of the steering wheel would remain black.

    If think they could add a least one black/bright leather-to-sample interior in the 3D configurator so that customers don't have a nasty surprise after spending big bucks and waiting 6+ months for the car to arrive.

    (By the way, I fixed the link for the Photoshop file. Typos > me )

    Re: You order it when it's a keeper

    I say it everytime I see your car. Man I love that color. The view with the top down is priceless.



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