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    Analog speedometer

    Just drove back from Temple, Texas, this afternoon.  While on the road I started thinking about what a waste of dashboard space the analog speedometer has become.  I never glance at it, do you?  I pretty much can tell how fast I'm going by the tachometer reading.  If I need a more exact number, I use the digital speedometer readout which is right there on the tachometer.

    That said, what would be a better use for the space currently occupied by the analog speedo?  How about two smaller gauges in a mirror image of the water temperature and the fuel guage.  The top horizontal guage would be a lateral accelerometer and the side vertical guage an inline acceleromoter.  Another possibility is the top guage would be the manifold air pressure and the side guage the manifold air temperature.  Or one space could be a large shift light ala the GT3 and the other something else --maybe battery volts?

    Is there some other measurement I have forgotten?
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    Re: Analog speedometer

    Oil Pressure, Oil Level, if possible, coolant level?  Just brainstorming!  The analog speedo is COMPLETELY USELESS!!  If they want to keep it, why not recalibrate it?  When speed limits are 80, 100, 120kph, why show only 100 & then 150?!  330kph within less than 270 degrees? WHY?!  You'd crash trying to see what speed you're doing!

    Re: Analog speedometer

    Yes the analogue speedometer is a waste of space. Even more frustrating for Boxster / Cayman owners such as myself where the space could be used for oil pressure / temp gauges that we don't get, and for 997 owners because the space could be used for the oil instruments you do have which would bring them nearer the line of vision.Smiley
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    Re: Analog speedometer

    I actually find it of use when driving abroad (usually  I'm mph)

    So when I've changed the digital to kph I can still see/read what my real money speed is...
    As time goes on and I become more used to kph I'm sure I'll look at the anaalogue much less


    Re: Analog speedometer

    Definite "waste" of space.

    BUT! Would you buy a Porsche if it had nothing but a medium size display where the instrument cluster was supposed to be?

    Seems to me the more guages on the dash the more appealing the car is to buyers.

    Think about it..., the only reason there were separate guages in the past was because each one was mechanical and had a separate mechanical or electric sensor.

    Nowadays, everything is electronic or digital and the only thing you really need is a small display to monitor all of the engines functions ( and more).

    Again, guages on the dash are part of the now _classic_ appeal if sports cars. The more _unnecessary_ guages the car has (as opposed to a more reasonable but boring-looking computer display), the more it says "sports car!"

    BTW, I'm not sure (just guessing) but all of our guages are probably digital and connected to the car's "computer;" there's probably no such thing anymore as a separate sensor or cable dedicated to each guage.


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    Re: Analog speedometer

    There is a bit of a significant lag in the digital speedometer's readout, so the analog comes in handy only on a rare occasion when you need to get actual speed.  It's a Porsche thing,--having a significant speedo readout amongst the cluster.  (I really liked the way they were set up back in the 1980s).  Unfortunately, they're running out of real estate but still felt like they needed an analog.  I liked it more when in Europe.  I would have KMs reading out on the digital, and then read off the MPH on the analog.


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