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    caught - silver cab / blue roof 977 pic

    Not seen the 997 cab in silver - looks good
    what do you think?

    cab is a "problematic" looking 911

    From a styling/design P.O.V. Cab is always a compromise as far as classic 911 profile is concerned.

    Since 911 coupe has a supermodel appearance, you expect too much from the cab; it just looks like a messed up 911, Too humpy and rear-end heavy looking.

    You asked, That's what I think.

    Re: cab is a "problematic" looking 911

    I agree with you there Max. I love convertibles, but there's always been something about the 911s conversion to softtop that does quite look right - despite it being a technically brilliant conversion from what I've heard.

    Re: cab is a "problematic" looking 911

    I see what you mean guys.
    The conversion is indeed brilliant. ALthough no way near as pretty as the coupe, it is a very rigid car for a cab (I own the 996 Cab) but I noticed the other day: When it was parked next the SL, both top down, the 911 is not exactly pretty, especially next to the SL which is a work of art IMO (design that is)
    The 911 cab is a great car, but you're right, from the rear, it looks really "fat".
    One think I like though it that top up, the car has a Speedster kinda look. But top down, I'm not a huge fan of the rear line that "goes up" if that makes any sense to you.

    Re: cab is a "problematic" looking 911

    , especially next to the SL which is a work of art IMO (design that is)

    well there's no accounting for taste, but the SL is no way more beautiful than the 996 cab IMO. it is completely overstyled, has more fake air inlets than an airfix harrier model kit and the rear design is dictated by the need to store the retractable roof. i like the cockpit design very much, though (but not the seats).

    Re: cab is a "problematic" looking 911

    That fat rear look is exactly what i like on the Cab, it looks fantastic and original. With the hardtop on, the car is a dream from the rear, and with top down it looks very charming. It's like having three cars in one I love it.


    Re: cab is a "problematic" looking 911

    Fanch said:
    ...the 911 is not exactly pretty, especially next to the SL which is a work of art IMO (design that is)
    The 911 cab is a great car, but you're right, from the rear, it looks really "fat".

    The upper rear part on the 996 is the weakest part of the design, that is right.

    Anyways, the current MB lineup is nothing compared to the former models, governed by Bruno Sacco. The current cars might look nice but I am pretty sure that they wear out quite fast - and certain models look surprisingly cheap. Not my definition of luxury car!

    In my opinion BMW and Audi unfortunately go a similiar way, not only saving money on development and materials but also on the design. Sad!



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