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    997 Test Drive September 3rd ---Full Review

    Just wanted to post my test drive review and my overall opinions of the new 997. After reading so many reviews, i was amazed at how different they were. It seems that one has to go test drive a car for themselves to formulate thier own opinion. Im Sure mine will vary from others. Well here is mine.

    The car is without a doubt much better looking than the 996. All dimensions are more pleasing to the eye, and it finally looks like a seperate car from the boxter. No more confusion. With the 19 inch wheels the car looks more aggresive and has a better (sportier) stance.All panels look clean , tight and well proportioned. I do wish they had added a bigger fixed turbo like wing on the back to give it a more fully completed appearance, since its the first time ever that the normally aspirated 911 has stickered around the 80 k mark it would have been a nice touch and would added an increasesd perceived value. Anyway its a super update that was way over due.
    From the moment i opened the door i realized just how new and revised this car was. The door handle feels more expensive as dooes the way the door shuts. All panels in the car are high quality and heavy to the touch. Everything is perfectly symetrical and well laid out. Definitaly the best porsche interior ever. I love all the gadgets that come with the chrono package. The chrono dial looks like it had the same quality as a brietling watch!! Very nice touch. Radio was very good and trip computer has all its critical info right there. I was very impressed with everything so far.
    I pulled out of the dealer and noticed that the car has very responsive throttle.(i was sport mode from the start).
    I then puched it and was a little dissappointed that there was no shove like i was expecting. It was a very sedated pull all the way to redline. I was expecting more power from this car. I dont know if it was because the car had only 27 miles on it or the dealer put cheap gas in it. I dunno. Im going to buy the car anyway, since i liked everything else so much.

    I was not able to test handling since the sales man was with me.

    i will post a follow up review after i pick the car up today. im hoping the car will

    Re: 997 Test Drive September 3rd ---Full Review

    I sat in one today also. The outside looks better in person than in pictures. The front has a nice long slant to it. the wheels look nice as do the ceramic brakes. The interior is the nicest "911" interior i have seen. Yes folks my 928 interior still has a little more luxury (including nicer leather). The seating position is better than other 911's and the overall fit and finish is fitting of the price. The exhaust note at idle is still very tame. Oh and the steering wheel was not ugly at all but it did obscure the very top of the tach the way it was adjusted in this car. I liked the sport seats very much. There was a new GT3 10 feet away that i also checked out, made comparisons about the interior easy. Both very nice but not as cool as the shark.

    Re: 997 Test Drive September 3rd ---Full Review

    I must apologize about my initial review. The truth was that i based it on a 10 minute test drive with the salesman. I really did not get to drive the car hard. To make a long story short, this is without question the best driving car i have ever experienced. It is extremely fast and much quicker than i originally thought. Now that have put some miles on my car , i can honestly say that this one of the best driving sports cars in the world today at any price!! I have owned many other cars, including murcielgo, F 360, 911 turbo(996 and 993) Gallardo, m3,348 tb,corvette c5, viper 2004, 600 sl 2004. none have such a precise and accurate feedback as this car! Im not exaggerating.
    Im addicted to the wat it drives, and find the handling simply incrdeble. taking turns is a blast. it hold the line like 360 modena, Gone is the heavy feeling back end wagging around like a pendulant. you can jerk the steering wheel quickly from left to right and you wont get that wobbly effect on earlier 911,s. The new gt3 even had that problem!
    It cahnges direction like a mide engine car. IMO its going to take time for people to understand this car and how good it is, but predict the demand will increase very much so over the next few months.(if porsche limits production)

    anyway ....Its the best driving modern sports car in the world today.

    Re: 997 Test Drive September 3rd ---Full Review

    Wicked review mmm208,was a bit worried after reading your initial comments about performance etc, but you have put my mind to rest now ,afterall you should know after driving some of the supercarcars you mentioned

    Re: 997 Test Drive September 3rd ---Full Review

    I would also like to add that the variable steering is 100% benign. You dont even know its there.I dont know what was all the fuss some people were making. That why i dont go by reviews anymore.

    My current city mpg is 13 mpg. I hoping that this will go up as car gets more miles on it. I will be taking it easy for the next 1000 miles. I hear that some are getting 15 to 17 mpg city and 27 highway. Can anyone else confirm ahat they are getting.



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