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    Der Spiegel: Sharp Knives Backstage at Porsche/VW

    Fascinating stuff.

    I didn't know there was a holding company ABOVE Porsche Automobil Holding SE.

    For a guy that doesn't have the advantage on paper, Ferdinand Piech must have something up his sleeve. What does Dr. Wiedeking have planned?


    In the new Volkswagen empire, Ferdinand Piëch appears to be pulling the strings. Behind the scenes, though, everyone is fighting everyone at Porsche and VW: board members, senior executives and the two powerful family clans.

    Ferdinand Piëch hasn't seemed this relaxed and pleased in a long time. It's the VW Group's evening at the Geneva Auto Show, and Piëch is sitting in the first row as the cars roll in on the stage in front of him. They include a 200-horsepower VW Scirocco, a 500-horsepower Audi R8 V12 TDI, a 530-horsepower Bentley Brooklands, a 560-horsepower Lamborghini Gallardo and a 1,001-horsepower Bugatti Veyron. Piëch is beaming, almost as if his 12 children were marching across the stage.

    This is his world, and these are his cars. Most of all, this is his company, or at least part of it is. And this Monday, March 3, is his day.

    Just that morning in Stockholm, VW had acquired the majority of voting rights in Swedish truck manufacturer Scania. The VW Group now has something that Piëch has been pursuing for close to a decade: a product line ranging from small cars to luxury sedans to 40-ton trucks. That afternoon, Porsche announced in Stuttgart that it was acquiring the majority of the VW Group.,1020,1119153,00.jpg,1518,druck-540466,00.html

    Re: Der Spiegel: Sharp Knives Backstage at Porsche/VW

    Porsche has has a 60 ton model,its called the Leopard 2.
    It only carries a few guys and some 120mm main gun ammo.

    Re: Der Spiegel: Sharp Knives Backstage at Porsche

    JimFlat6 said:
    Porsche has has a 60 ton model,its called the Leopard 2.
    It only carries a few guys and some 120mm main gun ammo.

    I didn't know Porsche had any connection with this product, I thought it was made by Krauss Maffei?

    Re: Der Spiegel: Sharp Knives Backstage at Porsche

    Ferdinand Porsche engineered the MAUS and the TIGER2 tanks for Hitler ... the MAUS was 188t!!!

    Nothing to do with he LeoII.


    Re: Der Spiegel: Sharp Knives Backstage at Porsche

    Porsche designed the Leopard 1 for KM. The Leopard 2 is not really a seperate unique design, it is actually just a upgraded version of the Leo 1. Porsche assisted with the upgrade designs. Porsche also designed the Wiesel 1 also made by KM and designed upgrades for the Wiesel 2 and its LWB variant.

    I suggest you read Ferry Porsches Jr's biography. He said that he prefers designing tanks over cars.

    Porsche also has designed cockpits for Airbus and even designed the bridge of the CIA ship Glomar Explorer. Porsche Consulting also has a lot of customers in the automotive field.

    If you want to see a 188 Ton MAUS there is one at the Red Army Armor Museum outside of Moscow.



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