Boxster Coupe GTS:

If Tesla should survive as an independent company until 2020 this would be a major success already... They should focus to resolve the disaster they are in right now and not add other trucks, speedsters etc. to a product portfolio that exists in the virtual only (model 3).

Good point, well made.

Speaking to equity and credit analysts that cover Tesla, it is evident that Model 3 delays and capex plus operating costs resulting in significant cash burn. Q3 results poor and share price down 20% from high, so not a good backdrop to raise equity. But the company needs to raise liquidity before year-end to avoid "going concern" discussion with auditors!

So what do they do?

Announce a speculative new product and ask the first 1000 customers to pay $250k upfront, i.e. a $250 million interest free unsecured loan for 3 years or so. 

If the company fails to deliver in 2018, the Roadster will never make production and customers will have lost their $250 million in deposits, given there is $10 billion in senior ranking debt.

Here's a quote from the Financial Times...

"The company has already begun to take reservations for the new Roadster, which will cost $200,000 when it is released in at least three years’ time. Prospective buyers must pay a $45,000 deposit, but the first 1,000 produced will be a limited-edition “Founders Series” costing $250,000 upfront.

If Mr Musk succeeds in selling all those to his wealthy fans in Silicon Valley and beyond, it will give Tesla’s finances an instant $250m boost."

FT article link:

Tesla customers may be so stupid to pay for crazy phantasies of Mr Tusk Smiley The bubble will burst soon.