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    White GT3 or Green RS

    I feel sorry to repeat this question again, but my dealer FINALLY contacted me there will be an allocation for me and I have to decide to go for the GT3 or RS.


    NO sunroof FULLY loaded White GT3 or Plain Green RS?
    Both with PCCB.

    For street use.
    Pay extra for the options or the RS?

    I love the White GT3 since the first time I saw it, but I also like the Green RS with the color and wider end.

    GT3 is the best buy, but with all those options together the cost would be close to a base RS.

    I have to make up my mind within this 2 weeks.

    Any comments are welcome!


    Re: White GT3 or Green RS

    Green RS, I think much better re-sale vaule afterwards...

    Re: White GT3 or Green RS

    With the rarity of the RS, you can't go wrong. From what I have read, there is nothing like it.

    Re: White GT3 or Green RS

    That's so true about resale value, but the performance isn't really close?

    Re: White GT3 or Green RS

    Especially if you get it in Green. I hear its the least ordered,not sure how true that is though.

    Re: White GT3 or Green RS

    IMO the GT3 makes most sense when it's not too optioned. Then you get a big saving over the RS and very similar performance. Once you add options to a GT3 and arrive at RS pricing than the RS is the more desirable I think.

    Re: White GT3 or Green RS

    You will not get your oney back on a fully loaded GT3. When you consider eclusivity the RS seems to be the better buy. However, if you plan to drive the car daily or street use the RS may be more jarring. Also, green is not the best of colors to resell.

    All things considered the GT3 probably would be more enjoyable to drive (street use and track) and would opt for it. Which would be more fun to be in and drive from your standpoint? Buy that one.

    Re: White GT3 or Green RS

    i agree with JFT gt3 makes more sense when not loaded unless that's how you would option either car..if you like the green then go for the RS i would prefer the performance improving "options" of the RS even if slight over NAV chrono etc

    Re: White GT3 or Green RS

    I ordered a green one,when do you get yours?


    Re: White GT3 or Green RS

    get the green rs and then get the decal kit to go with it.

    Re: White GT3 or Green RS

    You can have my 997 GT3 in white plus 25K for your Green RS.

    Re: White GT3 or Green RS


    I am totally [beep] off to the salesman, now he said we have to wait for Porsche to make sure IF they are still going to make the car!


    Re: White GT3 or Green RS


    My sales man told me that they gone do a 08 model ( I hope so) with new facelift and DFI engine.


    Re: White GT3 or Green RS

    If you can still get them I would definately go for the RS...if you get the GT3 you could always be thinking the ..what if ?...question..if you get the RS then you know you are getting the ultimate 911!



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