Hi, I normally post on the Rennlist 997 board. I have a Group Buy going for about a week on the Rennlist Porsche board. It was set to go until Nov 30. Due to the limited number of 997, and 996s with soft tops and 986 on the Rennlist board, it has been suggested that I post this group buy on other Porsche websites. I hope you guys don't mind. If you are interested please click on this link to take you to the Rennlist 997 group buy thread.

Please click on this link if you want to participate (997 board)

I've contacted Sven at Wilhelmy-IT and he is willing to support a group buy on the smartTOP if we can get enough people to commit. Since this is an off-season product (winter) he is willing to extend this group buy to 997, 996 and the 986. He said this is a one time exception. We can have this run about two weeks and see if there is enough interest.

Here is a link to their website

The same rules apply as the last Rennlist Remote Key group buy. If you're interested, just post your response once you link to the Rennlist group buy thread.

Here is the breakdown of the discount available:
-10% for 10 or more orders
-15% for 20 or more orders
-20% for 30 or more orders
-25% for 40 or more orders
-30% for 50 or more orders - no more discount available

Additional Info:

Here are answers directly from Sven to some of the questions regarding combining items for this group buy.

"Regarding the difference between remoteKEY/TOP and smartTOP:

997: The smartTOP includes the functionality of the smartTOP and
remoteTOP (operate the top while driving with onetouch+remotely operate
the roof with onetouch)

996: The smartTOP is basically to operate the top on the go with
onetouch, for remote operation you will need the remoteTOP.

986: The smartTOP is basically top operate the top on the go with
onetouch, for remote operation (only windows) you will need the remoteKEY.

They can order the smartTOP+another product and will get the rebate for
both, BUT it will count only as ONE smartTOP for the groupbuy total."