Gustav, welcome. Now I know who you are. Smiley

Remember that tuned M6 from Manhart Tuning (stage 4) in one of your videos? A car magazine just recently tested the M5 with the same stage 4 tuning. The results were not impressive (0-200 kph in 10.8 seconds) for a 700+ hp car. Also this kit is NOT street legal in Germany, for export only.

You shouldn't trust tuners and their claims too much but I also have to say that Alois Ruf is a very nice guy and his products are amazing, no doubt about it. I would wait however for real life test results with certified equipment. I prefer Sport Auto because they also recently started to dyno the car, they also check the chassis settings for "anomalies". Smiley

Your videos are amazing and entertaining but the problem is that, especially on turbo charged cars, the power can be easily tweaked before such an event, to make a certain product look better. So while I enjoy the videos, I don't exactly trust the results. Smiley

Still...good to see you here, it is an honor. Smiley


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