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    I'm Back!, Advice On Ferraris Please!

    Just returned from a trip to china, yes, i missed the grand prix, but some business back in the states forced me to shorten my trip to the land of the great wall

    anyways, i am in the market for a ferrari, perhaps trading my boxster, (thats a BIG if, being my first car and all that nostalgia attached to it...)

    anyways, what i am really concerend about is something I am NOT familiar with, and something i must again turn to the resident experts here at rennteam for advice about.:

    The ferrari marketplace.

    My budget is about 200k, but per usuale in this sort of price range, i am flexible to stretching it a bit more in the interest of long term / short term 'fun'.

    Some of my favourite models currently are the 360 Challenge Stradale and the 360 spider, the 360 modena itself is a bit soft for my taste, and it is also the only ferrari i have driven outside the 550.

    I want something hardcore that makes a statement, and i would expect to be able to drive it anytime i wanted, as i do with all my cars.

    Any suggestions on where to start?

    Im doing some research about the cars right now on, and i was hoping you guys could give me some figures such as:

    availiblity, price, resale price, etc for the following models

    (i am in the new york city area)

    360 spider
    360 CS
    550 barachetta

    edit : I fully in intend to be IN this car by october 1st.

    Re: I'm Back!, Advice On Ferraris Please!

    The Stradale appears to be the right car for you. If you were looking on the west coast the cost would be close to 225,000-230,000 for used one. MSRP is close to 195,000.

    The NY market could be the same since there are probably fewer cars to be sold in the area. However if you go out on the internet you may get one at a good price since the 430 is hitting the market.

    The Spider still commands a high number. To get one for your budget would require you to buy an older model almost out of warranty. Ferrari does have an extended warranty program but it is pricey (I believe around $8000 per year).

    The 575 and Barchetta probably will not meet your needs. Front end engine and more of GT type of car.

    Since you have a 997 Cab on order I suggest you focus your attention on picking up a Stradale.

    Re: I'm Back!, Advice On Ferraris Please!

    thanks very much nick, i should have guessed you would be the only response in the long time this post stood stagnant

    anyways: in that time, i had already decided the stradale was the right car for me, however, i have also decided i should test a few of these cars just to get an idea before i pull the trigger.

    the spider is not out of my price range, 50k isnt by any means impossible or even difficult to muster for a 'perfect car', and even if it was, i could trade the boxster or the m3 ( which i probably wont do )

    that said, as you mentioned, i have a 996 Turbo S which will be arriving in less than 2 months, and that will cover my convertible needs.

    just a matter of finding a 1 owner low mileage stradale (hopefully as low as 200-500 miles, lower, even better)...

    is NEW out of the question? - probably even cars where the buyers have backed out at the last minute have been sold as well.

    my purchase time frame is within the next 6 weeks, and i will indeed order a 430 derivitave and enjoy the stradale in the meantime until it arrives.

    now its just the long arduous task of finding the perfect car.

    any suggestions?

    Re: I'm Back!, Advice On Ferraris Please!

    I believe a new one is out of the question. It is rumored they stopped making them to gear up for the 430 though they are still building new Spiders.

    Go out on ebay and shop it. Ben recently bought one at a terrific price and it has less than 100 miles on it.

    Better yet you may want to consider establishing a relationship with a dealer. Buy a used one from him and become a client which enables you to receive some attention in ordering a 430.

    Also consider posting on some of the Ferrari sites. Some present owners may be willing to sell.

    However I must warn you. When you do get one, you may cancel your Porsche order.

    Re: I'm Back!, Advice On Ferraris Please!

    red one in autoweek at motorcars for 209. red is the cheapest by 10, generally.

    Re: I'm Back!, Advice On Ferraris Please!

    ive lurked at Ferrarichat for 2 years, registered february this year, and began posting today

    the 575M with the GTC packadge is awefully tempting, as are the gallardo and DB9...

    Re: I'm Back!, Advice On Ferraris Please!

    I am actually leaning twoards the spyder at the moment

    the 360 coupe i drove awhile back was a bit mellow for my taste, but im sure with some suspension mods, the spyder can be made to be a great car and to my liking.

    i've found a few new spyders at around 250k, red/tan with the usual options.

    seems a bit high, some people have told me to wait for the market to cool down when the 430 comes out and i dont think i can wait that long... the world, and myself, are both at the age of instant gratification

    THAT said, when the 430 comes around, i want to feel like i got raped because i couldnt wait 3-4 months

    PS. why aren't more people buying the gallardo?

    many new examples in various colors all over the USA are selling for MSRP, and perhaps even a few grand UNDER? (gasp)

    are people holding out for the barachetta? strange...

    for 170-180k it is awefully tempting.

    at 250k i would take a vanquish or trade my boxster in and just get the daddy of them all, the zonda...

    this is a dangerous game i am playing.

    Re: I'm Back!, Advice On Ferraris Please!

    You can try the official Ferrari USA site. I saw at least four CS's in there. That will be a great car that, hopefully, won't depreciate that much.
    The 575M GTC is beautiful as well but it's a diffrent experiance from the CS
    The Gallardo is worth a look and a test-drive. You never know, you might fall for it's charms.;)
    I'd get the CS and never look back!

    Re: I'm Back!, Advice On Ferraris Please!

    I would roll with the CS as opposed the GTC, even though it's an awesome car, the V12's don't seem to hold their value as well, where as the V8s always sell over MSRP, even when slightly used.

    Re: I'm Back!, Advice On Ferraris Please!


    go for the 360 CS, possibly yellow or red!

    Re: I'm Back!, Advice On Ferraris Please!

    after an entire day of research...

    i think its pretty clear that there are no more new 360CS cars, for me, 'new' means untitled and with delivery miles.

    I don't mind paying the market price for a new example, but for me, the 'used' status is really a dealbreaker... i have lots of negative stigma about used cars and refuse to ever buy one.

    that said, some other alternatives to the CS are arising.

    the 360 spider is in a similar price range, and there are a handful of new 04 models in various parts of the USA.

    however, they are all selling for around 240-250k, which I think is rediculous considering the imminent 430 and the 430 spyder in 2~ years

    i am also under the impression that the 575MM GTC is also availible NEW immediately.

    the gallardo is VERY tempting right now, as 'very' availible, usually 2-4 at a dealer, new examples abound, so many in fact that i can be anal about options and minute tailoring details, a luxury rarely afforded at such a 'exclusive' price range/production limits.

    i may just go with a gallardo and get on the list for the 430 spyder

    my plan is to sell the gallardo when the 430 spyder arrives, and sell the 430 spyder after owning it for 2-3 years.

    thereby making back any loss i may take on the gallardo, and even making some money.

    after that, well, who knows.

    Here is the most important issue i'm debating:
    (and yes i am hijacking my own thread)

    assuming i buy in cash and bypass all the fees/interest associated with financing, how much do you guys think i will lose on the gallardo if i buy new within the month and sell in 2 years time, say spring 06?

    Re: I'm Back!, Advice On Ferraris Please!

    I just bought a 30 day old (still on MSO) CS with 40 miles for $7k over sticker:

    Re: I'm Back!, Advice On Ferraris Please!

    40 miles at that price? you lucky bastard!!!! UGH!!!

    what is "MSO"? sorry im a bit slow

    btw its farkin beautiful!!!

    Re: I'm Back!, Advice On Ferraris Please!

    I think you should wait for your Turbo S to arrive. Drive it for a couple of weeks, then think about the Fcar. If you are worried about the resale value, it may not be the best time to rush in. As far as Gallardo is concerned, I think people are just not attracted to that car or the badge. And the image thing. Driving a Ferrari may be considered chic but driving a Lambo may be considered bad taste (I heard this true in Italy and definitely true in Japan).

    By the way, would you buy my apartment? It is off Fifth in 60s!

    Re: I'm Back!, Advice On Ferraris Please!

    iyori, east or west side?

    my family already has a place on the east in exactly the area you specified, which is kind of wierd... do i know you? perhaps from the m3 board?... heheh

    anyways, thats some of the best advice i've heard all day, regarding waiting 2 more months for my Turbo to arrive, and then seeing what holes remain to be filled in my 'arsenal'

    i think thats exactly what i will do, and in the meantime, you've saved me from what could have been a 200k+ mistake.

    on another note, compared to the 360CS, the GT3 w/ some light modding looks like a HUGE bargain.

    Re: I'm Back!, Advice On Ferraris Please!

    Personally, I think that the Gallardo would not be a good combo with the turbo S. Too boring. Not different enough. However, a 360CS or 430 would make a difference

    Re: I'm Back!, Advice On Ferraris Please!

    Upper East Side, between Fifth & Madison.........I had a deal but just died I do not live there anymore and the maintenance and real estate taxes are just killers.......

    It looks like Ferrari will finish the production of 360 Spider at the end of this year. 430 Spider may arrive earlier than we all thought. Have you already put in a deposit for it? I found Miller Motorcars in Greenwich very friendly while Wide World of Cars is a typical car dealer if you know what I mean.

    Re: I'm Back!, Advice On Ferraris Please!

    Iyori who do you deal with at Miller Motorcars?

    I've had extensive (mixed) experience with New country Porsche up there

    and would like a headstart if I go up to the ferrari building (which is as i understand it, 2 blocks up the street from Porsche).

    Re: I'm Back!, Advice On Ferraris Please!

    I think the gentleman I dealt with was Mr. Stephen Daley.

    Re: I'm Back!, Advice On Ferraris Please!

    i will definitely give them a call Iyori!

    i heard there is also a gentleman named Warner that is in sales there? what have you heard about him?

    Re: I'm Back!, Advice On Ferraris Please!

    I don't know Moogle.............Sorry.

    Re: I'm Back!, Advice On Ferraris Please!

    i called a dealer in florida that i was tipped had a recently ordered stradale that is new and the buyer backed out to get an F430.

    however, they say that i cannot buy their cars because i don't have a residence in florida.

    this is booooolshlt!!!

    what the hell am i going to do now?

    i am likely confined to the tri-state area and all the dealers around here have crap inventory.

    Re: I'm Back!, Advice On Ferraris Please!

    Rent an apartment for a month. They are just filling their file cabinet.

    Re: I'm Back!, Advice On Ferraris Please!

    interesting idea...

    Re: I'm Back!, Advice On Ferraris Please!


    You have a disease, its name CAROMANIA

    Re: I'm Back!, Advice On Ferraris Please!

    Moogle said:
    i called a dealer in florida that i was tipped had a recently ordered stradale that is new and the buyer backed out to get an F430.

    however, they say that i cannot buy their cars because i don't have a residence in florida.

    this is booooolshlt!!!

    what the hell am i going to do now?

    i am likely confined to the tri-state area and all the dealers around here have crap inventory.

    buy the car you have been offered on fchat

    time to put up or shut up as those quaint Americans say!!!

    Re: I'm Back!, Advice On Ferraris Please!

    Have you checked beverly hills classic cars? They got like 6 Stradales for sale.

    Re: I'm Back!, Advice On Ferraris Please!

    Moogle, my man, call Stephen Daley, order the 430 Spider and forget about it. Drive your Turbo S for 2weeks. By the time, I think the 360CS market may come down, which will be the perfect timing for you to pick up one. Ask Daley, he is a very kind gentleman.

    Re: I'm Back!, Advice On Ferraris Please!


    Re: I'm Back!, Advice On Ferraris Please!

    ive spent the last 2 days out testing cars,

    (which has caused some panties to be ruffled down at ferrarichat)...

    anyways, I tried out the 575MM F1 w/ Fiorano Packadge (sadly the GTC packadge was unavailible at test time)

    a 360 F1 Modena (for the second time),

    and also an E-gear gallardo

    all these cars i tested were equipped with the manufactuer's semi automatic F1 style box because i wanted a similar reference to the stradale's default F1 system.

    what really chaps my ass is that dealers in my nearby area were being really anal about letting people test drive the stradale., again, this is likely due to my age and the relative rarity of these cars compared to the others.

    in the next few days im going to try to find a dealer in an increasing radius that will let me test out a stradale for awhile, until then, i've gotta think this over some more.

    what car i want is still not clear, and at this price point, i dont want to make any stupid mistakes.

    the bmw i bought 2 months ago was a stopgap car to help curb my wait for the turbo, and i don't want to buy something else that i will regret/get bored of when the turbo arrives.

    that said, i might take the advice that has been given to me and actually wait for the turbo to arrive before making and decisions about reinforcing my stable.

    finding a stradale to test...




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