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    Is it a good value for 05 S coupe?

    A local gentelman (original owner) is asking $55K for his 05S with 45K on it. The options include chrono package and nav. The car was serviced at the local p-car dealer. I've run KBB and it came up with $55K for a car in top condition and $51 for the car in "good" condition. Do you think there is a room in negotion?

    Re: Is it a good value for 05 S coupe?

    It's still under warranty so that is a good. If the body checks out (has not been painted, wrecked, etc.) it sounds like a good deal even at $55K. My 05 S has 43K but it is loaded with PCCB, leather, new tires etc. Conservatively I could sell it for 60K locally - FAST!
    Offer $52 and see if you can get a bargain! With the warranty you can not go too wrong but make certain a mechanic takes a look at it.
    Is this an eBay dealer, dealer, or a private seller?

    Re: Is it a good value for 05 S coupe?

    It is a private seller.
    I'm trying to arrange for him to fax me the title and I'll ask my insurance agent to search for this car in accident database.

    Re: Is it a good value for 05 S coupe?

    you only have 5000miles before the car goes out of warrenty. you should consider an extended warrenty.

    Re: Is it a good value for 05 S coupe?

    doc2s said:
    you only have 5000miles before the car goes out of warrenty. you should consider an extended warrenty.

    This is an 05 car and the way I drive, I will be out of the warranty based on time before mileage.

    I wished I could buy an extended warranty from porsche, but they don't offer it

    I don't think that aftermarket warranties worth anything since they are known for using every possible loophole to avoid paying out on the claims

    Re: Is it a good value for 05 S coupe?

    Peter- sounds like a good deal IF you can get it with Certified Pre-Owned warranty.

    If it were me I would do this:
    -Don't telephone-- but instead stop in person to your local P-dealer tomorrow or Mon.

    -Find the Sales Manager (since they are the person on sales staff with widest discretion) and propose something like floating them $500. (or $1000 ?) for their trouble if they would agree to 'process' the transaction (technically buying from the seller and then immediately selling to you) and have the dealer add CPO (Certified Pre-Owned) warranty in the process.

    The CPO inspection & certification usually costs around $1600 or $1700 to the dealer-- as far as I recall. If the dealer agrees, then your total out-of-pocket to get the thing CPO'd would be around $2000 - $2500.... then go offer the seller $52K or $53K to cover in essence the majority of your CPO cost. Emphasize to the seller both A) the Kelly Book $figure you cited above, and B) your strong concern regarding the factory warranty's expiration.

    What's in it for the dealer to do this? The $500 or $1000 or whatever you'd pay the dealer separately if the car passes CPO inspection and the transaction can proceed....... you would end up with the car along with an additional 2 year/ 50K mile CPO warranty. The extra 2 yr/50K CPO is not quite as comprehensive as the original 4 yr/50K factory warr but for me it would be good enough to be the deal maker on a 45K mileage car.

    (Your only 'risk' is in the event that there is some fatal problem with the car which the dealer techs discover during the CPO inspection-- but consider that you would have paid for a private mechanic's inspection anyway so it's not a total waste to pay the dealer a couple hundred $$ even for a failed inspection,. Establish a dollar figure of $150 or $200 or whatever as an agreed inspection fee ahead of time with the dealer if the CPO does not pass)........

    ....indulging my usually dormant cynicism for a moment to address the above scenario from every possible paranoid-consumer angle: I really don't think you'd have to worry about dealer attempting subterfuge by intentionally 'failing' the CPO so they could buy the car themselves to re-sell or anything similar.

    During your initial inquiry with the Sales Mgr.-- for your own peace of mind you don't even have to divulge anything to the dealer about the location or owner of the car, etc... give them the mileage and vehicle specs and they ought to be able to quote you a CPO cost and whatever $ amount they might want to make it worth their while.'s probably done similar transaction before, should be no big deal. If the dealer declines your proposal, walk away and you've lost nothing.

    Re: Is it a good value for 05 S coupe?

    That is actually a very good idea! I'm gonna try it on monday

    Re: Is it a good value for 05 S coupe?




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