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    Are you a Stock Guy or a Modder?

    I wouldn't dream of modifying my new Porsche in anyway (maybe because I'm just over 40?). Well, maybe a few _small_ things like hardwire radar detector or remove warning labels from visor. How about you?

    Re: Are you a Stock Guy or a Modder?

    I am schocked that so few would change wheels.

    Re: Are you a Stock Guy or a Modder?

    Bitko - whats wrong with carrera classics 19" - they are the best!

    Re: Are you a Stock Guy or a Modder?

    NM said:
    Bitko - whats wrong with carrera classics 19" - they are the best!


    Re: Are you a Stock Guy or a Modder?

    Seems like we have some purists here

    Re: Are you a Stock Guy or a Modder?

    With regard to wheels..

    People regularly forget that the big wheels on a car are frequently pushed onto a car by marketing men, rather than by the design and engineering men.

    Take the M3 for example, it is generally agreed that 18" wheels are a better option for actually driving the car than 19"s.

    Suspension designers now have to do work to counteract the problems associated with such big wheels (I have read in more than one report that the GT3 may well have 18's on it!)

    But the marketing men know, that even a humble M3 can commonly be found with 19"'s. So in the eyes of many buyers surely a 911 should have them.

    Considering how long it takes a manufacturer to set suspension up, to get the ride perfect, I wouldn't even consider changing up to bigger wheels. We are now at that point with wheels where bigger isnt necessarily better.

    I do agree however that 20's on a 997 do look better! ;-)

    Oh yes, and on the subject of general modding... Been there done that... My Skyline has probably had equivalent of $30'000 spent on it so far in modding. Waste of money? Probably! When my 997 arrives, i will do NOTHING to it!


    Re: Are you a Stock Guy or a Modder?

    If you are going track the car then suspension and brakes are a must. For everyday driving the ride is pretty harsh if you Mod the car to much. Looks great though.

    Re: Are you a Stock Guy or a Modder?

    madadd im in the same boat as you.

    Have you ordered base or S?

    I have the base and considering to put the carrera s wheels 19inches but with the boxster S dimensions ,which are the same as the standard carrera has
    standard carrera 235 18 inches 265 18 inches
    boxster S 235 19 inches 265 19 inches
    carrera S 235 19 inches 295 19 inches

    what do you think?

    i think though that 18 inches have a pretty adequete profile and are quite useful on everyday driving compared to 19 inches

    On the same boat i mean tha in the past i always modded my cars and i said with the 997 this is the end,
    but now i find myself looking for exhausts, intake manifolds i dont know in might be a desease that we are suffering.:!

    Re: Are you a Stock Guy or a Modder?

    I am not a purist as you guys are, the first thing I would do is change the factory wheels and some aftermarket body kit too. But one thing I wouldn't do is doing anyting to the engine, that is something I would never mess around with.
    No offense to PAG, but the factory silencer pipes that 997 comes with is not that good, many have complained about rust. These are very small things, which would not sway any Porschephile from not getting a 911, but nevertheless, those who are paying so much for such a car can surely afford to upgrade few things in the car.

    Re: Are you a Stock Guy or a Modder?

    Bitko you are talking about 997 or 997S

    Re: Are you a Stock Guy or a Modder?

    There's more to whether you're a stock, minor, or major mod person. For instance, before I was all about modding everything. Now I realize that for the most part, these cars have enough hp and the potential annoyance in hp kits is greater (voiding warrantee, designed for places with better gas than CA, etc). So if I got a GT3, I'd go crazy on the suspension, wheels, and making it lighter, but I'd leave the motor completely stock, at least until the warrantee is up, after which I may want to add something like a modest 20 hp if I knew it was in a reliable way. So I'm in to major mods, but certain major mods.

    Re: Are you a Stock Guy or a Modder?

    2005 Arctic Silver Porsche 997
    Currently in the shop undergoing surgery with of following procedures:
    *20" Techart Formula Wheels
    *ContiSport2 245/30/ZR20 - 305/25/ZR20
    *Techart Strut Tower Brace
    *Fabspeed Cold Air Intake
    *BMC F1 997 Air Filter
    *Cargraphic Lowering Springs
    *EVOM's 996 TT Big Brake Upgrade
    *SpeedArt Exhaust System

    Re: Are you a Stock Guy or a Modder?

    Dilinger that was of 997S. I don't know whether I saw the pic of the rusted silencer in this forum or in flat6 forum. I would say it would be a good decision to go for the optional sport exhaust.

    Re: Are you a Stock Guy or a Modder?

    I am what I would consider to be a stock guy. I may add some Porsche accessories at some point but my feelings are that it doesn't come from the factory (or factory parts/accessories) I don't want it on my car. I didn't like the wheels that came on my 996 so I bought factory 18' turbo looks wheels later (the front and rear I bought were wider than you could get on the car). I also changed the side marker lights to clear. I later put on chrome exhaust tips. So, slight motifications, but always with factory parts.


    Re: Are you a Stock Guy or a Modder?

    not a 997 owner, but

    i refuse to let anything but OEM stuff touch my car.
    so im rather limited, luckily there is a whole bunch of GT3 RS stuff i can add to my GT3 ...

    i occasionally make a few exceptions, but they are always for excellent companies that are the leaders in their industries, such as:

    BBS (wheels)
    Fabspeed (bypass pipes)
    RUF (because they are just so sexy)

    other than that, its OEM OEM AND OEM, did i mention OEM?

    did someone say obsessive?

    Re: Are you a Stock Guy or a Modder?

    So Moogle,

    Does that mean you are not going to send your car to West Coast Custom? Just imagine what they would do to your GT3.

    Re: Are you a Stock Guy or a Modder?

    Don't get me started about why MTV's Pimp My Ride is one of the most tasteless shows ever.

    Where's the resident pimp Dr. Phil!

    Re: Are you a Stock Guy or a Modder?

    I have never liked porsche wheels. I think the car look magnificant but, the rims are not pretty and don't look good at all( exept the GT3 cup ). BMW are the only one with great factory rims. So, yes, I would change them, but only for equivalent in weight. I would not put 20'', eventaugh they do look better, but I rather keep good handling and the ride could become too harsh, not mentioning the extra weight. I 'd like to change the exaust...but will have to see. Otherwise I would not change anything. I used to change lots of stuff on my cars, but with a porsche nearly everything is perfect. My brother ordered a Cayenne, changed everything ( 22' rims , Gamballa body kitt, dvd in back seats, exaust....)

    Re: Are you a Stock Guy or a Modder?

    ...oh and I would like to lower it by 20mm. Not sure is this is possible yet with the PASM ?

    Re: Are you a Stock Guy or a Modder?

    yes it is !! it is offered by a well known tuner (sont remember)
    lowering kit for PASM!!

    Re: Are you a Stock Guy or a Modder?

    Hi Guys,

    This is a nice thread.
    I actually also thought I will never change my 996 cabrio as I ordered 4 years ago. But after one year of driving it, I wanted to make it different, and "uniqe".
    First, changed to gemballa wheels, made a nice soundsystem, and modified the exterior extreamly. GT2 look. I just love my car how it looks right now, and maybe the purists of you will not agree, but in my eyes, my car looks much better than a standard 997 cabrio. But of course this is a matter of taste. Sure, the interior of the 997 is much more beautiful. Anyway, IMO everybody should at least make his car a bit individuall.


    Re: Are you a Stock Guy or a Modder?


    Tell me what you did with the brakes

    Re: Are you a Stock Guy or a Modder?

    BTW your site is not working

    Re: Are you a Stock Guy or a Modder?

    my rennteam picture gallery

    For more pics you can check the above link.
    Regarding Brakes. I put the bxster S brake callipers on it. They are exactly the same as the 996 ones.

    Re: Are you a Stock Guy or a Modder?

    I myself I'm not a big modder fan, but I differentiate between mods that improve looks without hindering performance and those that do. The first group I respect, the second just look darn silly to me, especially on a Porsche, Lambo or Ferrari.

    Here are "my personal" rules on a few things:

    - A different set of wheels may improve looks and is great, but make sure they are not heavier than the stock ones especially if you go up on size since not only will the unsrprunbg weight will increase but also will alter the suspension dinamics, 18" is borderline, to use 19" sized wheels the car must be designed for them otherwise you are messing up the car (i.e. OK in a F430/F360SC or 997S but not on a Modena or 996). And I would never increase width of tires just for looks either, the tire width is dictated by the cars specs and moving beyond that will hinder acceleration, balance, ride, etc.

    - Changing suspensions? the main reason of the suspensions is handling, more so on a sportcar. Going for a lower height look is OK as long as you don't hinder handling, thats silly. So no mismatched springs and shocks, etc. especially since you can easily improve handling AND looks by going for a proven factory or aftermarkit suspension kit with matched and tested shocks, springs, sway bars, etc.

    - Engine mods? Great, as long as they are not agressive to the car's engine (superchargers, chips, etc.), or they are mods that actually live up to their claims (intake filters, ehausts, etc). And watch out for voiding warranty.

    - Exhausts? Great for improving the sound, combining with headers/bypass for max performance gains, or even reducing kerb weight. As long as they are not too heavy nor hinder performance,or don't distort completely the car's characteristic engine sound.

    - Aerodinamic add ons? OK if they don't call too much attention nor interfere with the cars aerodinamics, that means no aftermarket wings on a carrera for looks for me but yes to a tunnel-tested aerodinamic kit, or maybe a different bumper, especially if its OEM like form another model.

    - BOTTON LINE, go always for OEM, factory parts are better quality, more tested and develped, do not void warranty nor screw up any part of the cars handling or performance, and also OEM look better than aftermarket becuase the are OEM. Only if you don't find what you are looking for in original factory parts, then go to reputable aftermarket companies. I.e. factory optional wheels (like the Carrera Classics), factory suspension upgrade kits (M030, X74, X73, P17, etc.), factory aerodinamics options (aerikits, bumpers, etc.), factory powrkits (X50, X51, S version, etc), factory exhausts, and so on. The only exception with this is the sound system, factory systems suck if you are somawhat demanding in car audio deparment, you are left with no other option than to go aftermarket, but always maintaining the stock look as much as posible.

    My 996C4 is still 100% OEM (wheels, suspension upgrades, aerokit, etc. except for the stereo) however and no mods, but doing like I mentined above is OK for me, especially after the car has a few years and you don't want to upgrade to a new model, then its a nice way to "redo" the car and make it exiting again

    Each can do whatever he likes with his car as long as he likes it, this is just my view on it. But treating a car like a Mr.Potato hindering its handling or performance for looks is something I can't understand in such a purpose built car like a Porsche

    Re: Are you a Stock Guy or a Modder?

    Avoe said:
    my rennteam picture gallery

    For more pics you can check the above link.
    Regarding Brakes. I put the bxster S brake callipers on it. They are exactly the same as the 996 ones.

    Nice pics! Thanks!
    Is your car a widebody?
    If not, how did you fit the rear of the C4S onto it?

    Re: Are you a Stock Guy or a Modder?

    yes 9interesting questions i ve been wondering these too.

    And the bpxster S brakes are equal to 996?

    this happens also with 987 boxster S and 997 carrera?

    they are the same just in red color?

    Re: Are you a Stock Guy or a Modder?

    I will have to look at these lowering kit for PASM.. I guess the whole system has to be changed..(springs, shocks, electronics...and I wouls want it to work as well as the original)

    Re: Are you a Stock Guy or a Modder?

    yes the boxster s brakes are the same as on the 996.
    I don't know what happens with the new ones, but I guess it is also the same.

    Re: Are you a Stock Guy or a Modder?

    Hi Fanch,
    Thanks. My car has no widebody. I don't know exactly how they fit it, but I know that the connections have been modified, and they have their own parts to fix it.
    For the exhaust pipes they also used some additional tubes, which moves the pipes more to the middle of the rear.



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