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    Cab on ebay

    Lots of pictures on the ad [image][/image]

    Re: Cab on ebay

    They're asking $1000 over MSRP.

    Re: Cab on ebay

    It is the launch car for Harris Porsche in Baton Rouge. From their Porsche website:

    Equipment: 407 - 19" Sport Design Wheel
    762 - PAG Code - Launch code
    692 - Remote CD Changer (6 Disc)
    680 - Bose High End Sound Package
    C02 - U.S. Standard/Emissions
    446 - Wheel Caps with Colored Crest
    342 - Heated Front Seats
    P01L - Adaptive Sport Sts Lthr Int
    640 - Sport Chrono Package Plus

    Notes: Leather seats, Clock, Tachometer, Cruise Control, Power Steering, Security System, Keyless Entry, Power Driver's Seat, Power Passenger's Seat, Tilt Wheel, Interval Wipers, Heated Seats, Anti-lock Braking System, Power Locks, Power Windows, Air Conditioning, Climate Control, Side Airbags, Driver Airbag, Passenger Airbag, Power Sunroof, Fog Lights, Trip Computer, Navigation System, Rear Spoiler, Telescopic Steering Wheel, Traction Control, Vehicle Stability Control, Power Mirrors, Sports Seats, Xenon Lights, Rear Defroster, Leather Interior, Leather Steering, Leather Shifter, AM/FM Radio, CD Player, CD Changer, Anti-Theft Radio, Separate Tweeters

    Price: $100,545.00 USD


    Re: Cab on ebay

    how can a dealer ask over msrp ... but It would almost be worth it no to half to wait ... did you talk to them .. It also has full leather

    Re: Cab on ebay

    It says on ebay "Buy it now price: US $101,545.00" but the window sticker says $100,545.00

    It wouldn't surprise me. Dealers can get whatever they want as far as I know. Dealers where getting over sticker for the 2001 996 Turbo when it first came out.

    Ford dealers are asking $50,000 over for the GT. Even GM dealers by me have been getting over msrp for the vette. And I bet they will be getting $10,000 plus over for the new ZO6. If you can't want a few months until the pipe fills and have to be the first guy on the block and will pay a premium dealers will love to take your money. What about Ferrari ? You can't buy a very low milage current model year USED car for anything less than $10-$50,000 over msrp. The new F430 will cost $50,000 over if you have to have one right away and haven't been on the list for a new car.

    Re: Cab on ebay

    OCEAN said:
    how can a dealer ask over msrp ... but It would almost be worth it no to half to wait ... did you talk to them .. It also has full leather

    You HAVE to have Full leather. Especially in a cab.

    In order of importance in my humble opinion for a 997 S Cab.

    1) Sports Chrono (Performance 1st)
    2) Adaptive Sport seats.(Performance/comfort/looks 2nd)
    3) Full Leather (Looks, feel and smell 3rd)
    4) Bose /Cd changer
    5) Heated Seats
    6) Navigation
    7) Thicker steering wheel
    8) Crests on headrests - (In a cab where can really see them these look great).
    9) Auto dimming mirrors

    The adaptive sports seats look outrageous in a cab. Especially the way the silver back of the seat looks. Man!!

    I know a lot of people like the colored wheel crests but I don't. I don't like the look of gold on wheels of a sports car. And I think the black outlined crests as standard are sharper especially on a siver car. The black wheel crests just look better in my opinion. More understated. I like the way they show this off in the Porsche catalog. No gold crests on the wheels

    Re: Cab on ebay

    ugly....i like coupe

    Re: Cab on ebay

    ugly....i like coupe

    You can not compare the two they are different animals . For those who who love to drive with the top down there just is no substitute . The cab with the top down is a completely different driving experience than a coupe .

    Re: Cab on ebay

    He's just jealous he didn't wait a few months and get a convertible. With Spring coming and Cab drivers enjoying the beautiful weather, soaking up the rays, he'll be in a close in box like everyone else. LOL !

    Re: Cab on ebay

    Whenever you start talking about cabs and how nice they are on a cab thread it does seem people with coupes do get right in there and tell you how ugly they are . Cabs are for the people inside driving them not so much for the people looking in you could say .



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