Entertaining review by Nick Hall, with some good points:

Cruising along one of the few knackered, single-track back roads in Spain that hadn't been replaced with EU money, casually chatting to my passenger, I flicked an eye at the speedo. And, after a cartoon-style, face shaking double take, the kind Wile E Coyote would always manage before a wave to camera and 3,000 foot drop, I hit the brake. The new Porsche Cayenne Turbo was flat, quiet and approaching 150mph.

The road was so bad that a GT3 would have bounced into the hedge, but we only knew that because we'd stopped for pictures. Most cars would have transmitted the building site of a surface direct to the steering wheel and prevented such lunacy, but this thing could probably carry triple digit figures on the surface of the moon.

If you need an off-roader, or even a big family car, you can buy so many other more competent cars and have money left over for a real, lightweight sportscar that most of us would simply sit there mouthing expletives in silence when confronted with the Pounds74,650 sticker price. Of course there is the V6 version for Pounds37,100, but how do you justify the Turbo when there are so many other cars available for less money that offer almost the same performance and more fun?


Anyone have this pic in high-res