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    Carerra GT experience

    Well guys/gals, last Saturday I got a ride in the CGT and to say the least it was incredible. Other than the obvious performance of the car (which still took me by suprise) the driver "B" had a pretty good leash on the beast. 612 hp is no joke and to have a driver that ripped up the road with it made the ride even more special.

    At first I thought it was going to be a few blips of throttle here and there with a paranoid driver behind the wheel of a half a million dollar car...turns out I was WAY OFF. I kept thinking to myself "THIS is the way uber cars are meant to be driven". Its like the combination of a roller coaster ride and a very fast go-cart topped off with the best engine note ever. As mentioned before, it makes the 964 feel like a dead snail (believe it or not) and I know that the 964 isn't slow.

    The feel of the car is magical, and I wasn't even driving! I.e. After giving a burst of throttle through the last section of a turn, the back end would step out a little bit then snap right back in line, the tires are gigantic and you can really feel it.

    Trash can lids were probably used as templates to cut out the brakes becuase they are HUGE. A jab at the brakes can make you think you hit an invisible wall, they just stop like someone thowing a stick into your spokes while riding your beach cruiser.

    Another thing that caught my attention was how incredibly fast the world can look. I was bewildered after "B" gunned it toward a group of cars at a stoplight, I really didnt think anything could have stopped the car because the sheer momentum and speed were just so damn fast yet the trash can lids (brakes) handled it like nothing. Sorry, its just really hard to explain...after reading countless articles and watching dozens of videos of the same car; theres nothing that can prepare you for the mind blowing/physics defying Carerra GT.


    +hope I can pay you back someday "B"

    Re: Carerra GT experience

    Very nice report, thanks for sharing


    Re: Carerra GT experience

    Sounds exactly like the feeling I get in my Boxster! LOL!
    Nah, Thanks for sharing. Now I just need to dig up someone with a CGT to try it myself. Hmmm...let me see..where did I put that last issue of "Danish, rich and famous"..?

    Re: Carerra GT experience

    Glad you enjoyed the ride, but, why abbreviate Ben lj's name?

    Re: Carerra GT experience

    svtrader1 said:
    Glad you enjoyed the ride, but, why abbreviate Ben lj's name?

    Who ever said it was Ben? It might be...then again it might not be...

    Re: Carerra GT experience

    Ryan in SD said:
    svtrader1 said:
    Glad you enjoyed the ride, but, why abbreviate Ben lj's name?

    Who ever said it was Ben? It might be...then again it might not be...

    Sure, it isn't. Don't play coy. Now that you squealed on him, I bet that's the last time he gives you a joy ride.
    Shameless name dropper.

    Re: Carerra GT experience

    hahahaha, noooo I dont think you understand. I'm just trying to make good on the agreement, and then here you come busting me up

    Re: Carerra GT experience

    Your SOOO lucky!!!Porbally a once in a life time expericance to most. Unless your one of the Fortunity few who can afford one.

    Re: Carerra GT experience

    Riding in it is an experience...driving it is an out of world experience. However it is a VERY serious machine and requires utmost vigilance in driving it.

    Ryan, I was not aware you were there Saturday. I could have given you a ride in Ben's Stradale. It is another great car. Poor Ben, having to decide each day what to take out.

    Re: Carerra GT experience

    nberry said:
    Ryan, I was not aware you were there Saturday. I could have given you a ride in Ben's Stradale. It is another great car.

    You guys are too kind, first you bring all these cars just down the street from me, then you let me take pictures and video, then I get a ride in the CGT...Im pretty sure I have found a piece of heaven.

    Next time Im going to see how close to professional photos I can get with my barrowed digi cam. I cant think of a better place to hone my skills in.

    Re: Carerra GT experience

    You sure were beaming a huge grin when you came back.

    Didn't catch you there either, will have to introduce myself next time.



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