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    A short Conti TS 810 S N0 19'' winter tire review

    As promised, a short review of the recently mounted Continental TS 810 S N0 19'' winter tires.

    At first, I was a little bit sceptical if winter tires in the size 295/30-19, especially on the rear axle, could provide a good winter conditions performance.
    To make it short: they feel pretty good in snow, side grip is impressive, traction is even more impressive (could have to do with my limited slip differential too) and overall, I felt pretty much safe and sound when driving on snow or snow and snow mud covered wet pavement at low temperatures.
    Braking performance seems to be good, similar to any other winter tire. I think that the narrower front tires (235s) do the trick. The steering however feels a little bit numb and less connected to the street, I certainly missed the razor sharp steering feel of the summer tires.
    On dry but cold pavement, the winter tires perform very well and I was able to achieve impressive speeds in wide curves, twists and turns. But the overall drive feel is somehow strange, the tires feel less connected and the steering gets more and more nervous, the higher the speed is. At speeds over 180 kph, I would even call these tires somehow "dangerous" because the steering feels numb and less connected but at the same time, it gets more and more nervous and you have to do small corrections all the time. I drove at around 235 kph a few curves on the A96 from Lindau to Munich and I really started to sweat because I always had to pay a lot of attention to the steering.
    To make my point: it is possible to drive the winter tires like the summer tires but the nervous and the less connected feel, especially at higher speeds, makes it a pretty dangerous situation for beginners or even drivers who are somehow experienced. Another thing I noted: sidewind sensibility. When the wind is blowing, the steering gets even more nervous, especially when driving straight when the steering feels very light.
    It is hard to me to explain in English but I am suprised of two things: first, I'm surprised how much of a difference a different tire in the same size can make. Second, I'm surprised to see such a "nervous" setup on a N-classified tire. I'm not sure if Porsche really is aware of this but in combination with the variable steering, I really don't like this setup. Don't get me wrong, of course it is possible to drive at high speed with these winter tires and they provide a pretty good grip, even in the dry. But I expected a less "challenging" setup from Porsche. Maybe they don't expect people to drive THAT fast in winter time but at speeds over 180 kph, the Conti winter tires in the 19'' size are definetely not tires which would satisfy all drivers. I decided to "report" my experience to Porsche because I'm not sure this is a setup for every 997 owner.

    Yes, I checked tire pressure, I even checked that the tires are mounted correctly. I can imagine that Porsche used a less "razor sharp" extreme grip setup for the winter tires to allow a more soft "sliding" at the limit to avoid serious problems when it is slippery outside. But unfortunately this also adds the described "numbness", something I really don't like. Incredible how much a piece of rubber can change the character of a car.

    Re: A short Conti TS 810 S N0 19'' winter tire review

    Thanks RC. I have a 325xi through this winter, but will be using the 997 through all of next winter. Would you say that the grip the tires provides the same amount of traction as an awd car running all-season tires?

    Re: A short Conti TS 810 S N0 19'' winter tire review

    good report RC ,as allways!
    I have on my 997 michelin ps2 ,finished at the rear and 3/4 finisched at the front axle ,thanks to my Christmas trackday....
    Yesterday I used the car all the day ,temperature was 2 *c to 5 *c ,raining all the's very difficult pushing hard the gas pedal ,even in sport crono mode off ....the rear of the car is instable for 10 minutes ,than the tires works better .than you must drive the car in constant attention because if you turn and press early the gas ....e big oversteer is sure ......
    It's funny ....too funny for me ...but it's very dangerous !
    poor my girlfriend neck!
    from tomorrow only Cayenne with winter tires!!

    Re: A short Conti TS 810 S N0 19'' winter tire review

    Would you expect the C4S to have better handling and control for winter driving? What has been the experience with the 996s?

    Re: A short Conti TS 810 S N0 19'' winter tire review

    I think so ....
    during my first trackday with 997S -20 LSD at 9:00 am the temperature was 1*C .
    in the first lap ,in a 180* turn ,the car with a little of gas ,oversteer too much ..(sport corno mode on) ...i made a 180* with the rear !!!!!
    than ,when the tires reached the good temerature ....the car is perfect .
    remember that my tires were al 1/2 at the rear axle ...
    with my former 996 C4 ...I drove the car in similar conditions problem with turns ,rain ,...even snow .
    But this car is too funny! theC4 isn't a funny car need 2 turbocharger and 1.2 bar on them...


    Re: A short Conti TS 810 S N0 19'' winter tire review

    My former car was a '95 C4, and it had horrible winter performance with its summer tires (first a set of P-zeros then Pilot Sports). I would equate the traction to a walrus trying to scoot across some ice - the car was just everywhere. Traction in the rain, on the other hand, was just amazing.



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