Many months ago we had a few postings on the 997 lurch: under moderate to high cornering g's a bump or lack of driving smoothness leads to a lateral movement of the body wrt the suspension and wheels. Feels sloppy and although not fatal, should be gone!

Has anyone found a fix for this? And what bushings on what part of the suspension are involved?

Olaf Manthey with race shop near the 'Ring' rotates a couple of suspension bushings by 90 degrees, and that works....but I do not know which ones, nor do I like the notion! There is a likelihood that the bushings were upgraded for the 2006 cars (all/most 2005, C2 and C2S with PASM do this 'lurch', although very few people either detect it, or think that a Porsche should not do that!).

The part number likely would not change, and the Tech Advisor at Downtown Toronto does not know if they (PAG) did change the bushings.....only ONE of his many customers noticed it! And PAG will never admit to such sloppiness in admin or engineering!

Let's find a fix!

Merci Beaucoup, KiwiCanuck