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    Tire change

    My P zero rossos on my rear is nearly worn. I'm thinking of changing to a new brand (Michelin or Bridgestones). Is it possible to change the rears first to a different brand and leave the old fronts on until they are worn?


    Re: Tire change

    If you are going to a different brand or even to a differnt model within the same brand you should change all four tires. Typically the rears will wear twice a fast as the fronts but there is never a good reason to mix and match fronts and rears.
    Be safe and enjoy - FWIW I use Ultra High Performance All Season Bridgestones and love them. No they are not good for track use but they are hardly a compromise for the street. Given that you may have some cold weather now and then I would recommend them for that reason alone.
    By the way, I love your ETR toll road - I have never received a bill in Kansas after using it and I used it four times last year alone.

    Re: Tire change

    The ETR roads are good; very fast and wide (except in entrance and exits). It's very tempting but watch out for the OPP (police). We now have a rule that if you get caught over 150 km/h your car will be impounded right away.

    Re: Tire change

    Thanks for the warning about impounding cars, mostly I was referring to the FREE toll on the ETR - no licence plate in the front of Kansas cars seems to complicate their state of the art billing process! I seldom reach very high speeds(maintaining a high average over 18 hours and 1500 miles from KC to Montreal is the name of the game) and try to match the speed of the locals to go un-noticed instead. Seems like the 401 from Toronto to Montreal is more like the German Autobahn at times, especially around F1 weekend as hot cars head to Montreal from seemingly everywhere. 150kmh is what it takes to keep from getting run over those weekends on the 401. Lane discipline is outstanding though when traffic gets moving that fast - Canadian drivers are so much better in this respect than Americans (hello American left lane hogs )
    Anyway, good luck with tires - consider the Bridgestone AS 960 Pole Position.

    Re: Tire change

    pfslai said:
    The ETR roads are good; very fast and wide (except in entrance and exits). It's very tempting but watch out for the OPP (police). We now have a rule that if you get caught over 150 km/h your car will be impounded right away.

    150km/h is a pitiful 93.75mph. What's going on in Canada? a large country with a small population, your roads should not be that congested... why limit top speed that low?

    The US top speed is perhaps 80mph but there are plenty opportunities to drive above that without impounding threats, at least in some states.

    Re: Tire change

    Be careful of speed traps on the 401 just before the Ont-Quebec border (on the Ontario side).

    The problem is that these speeding laws are advertised as being saving lives. IMHO, it's agressive driving that causes and not just speed. There's being countless times when people are tail-gating, and weaving in/out of tight traffic when they have no business doing so and the police are not around. Hiding behind the bushes catching those doing 20km/h above the limit does not save lives; it's just a tax grab. To save lives, the police need vigilance in patrolling roads and monitoring driving behaviour.



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