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    F1 returning to Montreal next year

    In an fantastic piece of news, Bernie Ecclestone confirmed in an interview today that the Montreal F1 race is back on for 2010!


    Ecclestone, the head of the F1 circuit, said in today's edition of Motorsport Aktuell magazine that "we'll be driving in Montreal again in 2010."

    Pressure from the major automobile manufacturers involved in F1 as well as from the teams following less-than-stellar attendance at races in the Middle East and the Far East is believed to be behind the change of mind.

    But Ecclestone ruled out a return of the U.S. Grand Prix at Indianapolis, which last hosted an F1 race in 2007.

    Former world champion Jacques Villeneuve was ecstatic when informed of the development today.

    "That's amazing news," Villeneuve told The Canadian Press.

    "It's the biggest event of the year," the 1997 champion said of the event at Circuit-Gilles Villeneuve that usually attracted more than 100,000 people on race day.

    He said Montreal was "a fun weekend, a party weekend" for F1 drivers and teams.

    "And the race was always exciting."

    City of Montreal officials have remained mum on the news and other Formula One officials had no immediate comment.

    Alain Creton, head of the Peel Street Merchants' Association, said the silence probably means negotiations are in their final stages and a dollar figure is still being worked out.

    "He probably wants to get more money from them," Creton said of Ecclestone, suggesting the F1 head's pronouncement is probably a negotiating tactic to push bargaining to a quick conclusion.

    He noted Ecclestone is well aware of the support for the race in Montreal and how much the city wants it back.

    Creton added that Ecclestone and the series are also smarting from the loss of BMW from the F1 circuit and that that also makes reinstating the lucrative Montreal race more attractive.


    Re: F1 returning to Montreal next year

    Excellent news


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    Re: F1 returning to Montreal next year

    Hmmm, here's another prespective:


    Montreal mayor says F1 deal not done yet

    CBC Sports

    04/08/2009 4:34:43 PM

    Montreal Mayor Gérald Tremblay said Tuesday that there's no deal in place yet to bring Formula One back to the city, despite F1 chief Bernie Ecclestone's comments to the contrary earlier in the day.


    The head of Formula One said that an agreement in principle has been reached to have F1 return to Montreal in 2010.

    "We have an in-principle agreement of how we're going to make the race happen," Ecclestone told CBC Radio.

    But later Tuesday, Tremblay told RDS that negotiations are still continuing and that Ecclestone hasn't changed his previous offer. It was the major sticking point when the race was dropped for 2009.

    "We've got the very funny, old-fashioned idea that when we go somewhere we'd like to be paid," Ecclestone said.

    The F1 group wanted $175 million to keep the race in Montreal for five years, but the city government said that was too much. According to Tremblay, F1 hasn't changed the offer, meaning the 2010 Canadian Grand Prix isn't a sure thing yet.

    Ecclestone first announced the deal in principle to Swiss magazine Motorsport Aktuell.

    He said the potential deal would keep F1 in Montreal for at least the next seven years, adding that a formal agreement has to be reached in the next few weeks in order to make the deadline for the 2010 calendar.

    This season marked the first time in 22 years that no F1 race was held in the city. Ecclestone said he never wanted to leave Montreal in the first place.

    "Everyone in Formula One loves the Canadian Grand Prix," Ecclestone said in the magazine interview.

    Ecclestone also ruled out a return to Indianapolis, which was dropped in 2007, and said he would like to add races in South Korea and India.


    Come on guys, get the deal done!

    Re: F1 returning to Montreal next year

    Bernie's usual style would be to play hard-to-get, just to "motivate" his bargaining partner to make more concessions.

    These reports make him sound as if he is desperate to get Montreal back on board.

    It would be nice to see Bernie having to eat humble-pie after all the years he has spent skimming the cream off the top of F1.




    Re: F1 returning to Montreal next year

    That would be great! Not only is it a beautiful track, it also is the closest to me :)

    Fingers are crossed!


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