bondmid003 said:
JimFlat6 said:
Crash said:
Jim, have you been living under a rock? We all know Marine pilots look like James Brolin and wear green suits!
Seriously though, if I were applying for a SNA slot, I'd definitely go Navy. Better funding than the Corps, but they both have much better flying skills than the push-button Air Farce. Too bad I'm not an American .

you dont have to be a citizen to join, that is not a requirement anymore.

But really, the Navy flies older aircraft and does wear funny white suits. They might as well just be flying
biplanes off of barges in the Gulf of mexico and dropping ice cream cones to illegals crossing over from Mexico.

The Navy flies as many older aircraft as the Air Force does. All F-14s are being replaced with the brand new F-18 Super Hornets. Very similar to how the Air Force has replaced the F-15 with the F-22. At the same time, the AF, Navy and Marines are all getting the JSF which leads to a sort of quandry for the AF as to the need for the F-22. Every service has ancient aircraft (i.e. B-52 or CH-46). Know your facts Flat6, but I got the impression you're not American anyway so i'm sure it doesn't matter.

Well, the main problem the Air Farce has is that the F-22 is so expensive, it's probably going to be held back all the time, so it will be a garage queen in a way. At $100 mil. a pop, you can understand them.
The JSF, according to reports, is a piece of crap (not official reports, but the pilots') and the E/F Hornet is too heavy and hardly anm improvement over the old C/D version - and the old version is faster and can outmaneuver it. They should've gone for the Tomcat 21 program. Buy a real plane, instead of a toy that can't even reach mach 1 below 20.000 feet, even at full afterburner...
And the F-22 vs. the F-15? I say they could do a heck of a lot more with the F-15 (thrust vectoring anyone?), instead of the gazillion dollar Raptor, for which the role it was designed for doesn't even exist anymore.