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    996 Key Remote can it be Reprogrammed?

    I need to replace the remote transmitter on my 996 key. I see used keys on eBay for much less than the new remotes at the Dealership. Can these used transmitters be reprogrammed? I have been told both "yes" and "no" by two of my Porsche Compatriots. Any definitive answer would be most helpful.

    Re: 996 Key Remote can it be Reprogrammed?

    When you get new keys they each one comes with a seperate tag attached that contains a 'keycode'. The dealer needs this code to be able to program the car to the key. Without these tags and the keycode they are worthless. I know because I had the central alarm module fry on my 996 (under extended warranty) and after they replaced the unit I also needed to order new keys (not ever covered by a warranty) because the keycode for them could not be recovered from the original alarm module (controller) and I no longer (ever) had the tags that came with the keys.
    So, the only way the keys can be programed is if you know the keycodes (not likely) or have the original tags that came with the keys. That said, when you get your new keys from the dealer be certain that you do not let them keep the tags with the keycode - put them in a safe place. Often they will program the keys and keep the tags so that you need to buy new keys again later (I bet no one here has their keytags with the code on it - the dealer kept them!)

    I hope that helps - Sunset has the best OEM prices in the US if you have to buy from a dealer. Please correct me if I am wrong. Enjoy

    Re: 996 Key Remote can it be Reprogrammed?

    Thanks Leahwood911 for the information!

    Re: 996 Key Remote can it be Reprogrammed?

    As stated, a new remote comes with a paper tag with a 24 digit code. Without that code the remote cannot be programmed to your car and the remote will not work.

    The valet or spare key does not have the paper tag.

    Re: 996 Key Remote can it be Reprogrammed?

    I guess I have a different understanding. Any key that starts the car requires a keycode (tag) for it to be 'matched' to the security system of the car (by the dealer). I do not understand why a spare key or valet key would be different unless it is only a key which simply unlocks the car manually (no remote or iginition).

    Re: 996 Key Remote can it be Reprogrammed?

    Here is the valet key head I bought years ago. I also bought the metal part of the key. The metal part comes with a little plastic plug that is not used. No paper tag for the valet key head. The valet key head still has to be programmed because it has a chip inside for the immobilizer.

    Re: 996 Key Remote can it be Reprogrammed?

    Hi there,

    I am looking for that little plastic plug that comes with the blade.
    Do you know where I can get this whitout having to buy the blade.


    Re: 996 Key Remote can it be Reprogrammed?

    I think it is 944 538 431 00. Don't know why you would want it. Can't start the car because it does not have a chip inside. For some reason Posrche sticks it on the end of the metal part of the key when you buy a stipulated key. It is usually throw away.

    Re: 996 Key Remote can it be Reprogrammed?

    Thanks. Some cars using the laser cut blade do not have a chip inside.
    And I don't want to pay extra buck for the one with a chip if I don't have any use of it.
    By the way are you sure that the first 3# are 944.I would have guessed that it would be 996 or 987.
    When you bought the blade,have you gotten the plug with it or you had to order it separately?
    Thanks again
    Here is a pic of a key without any chip inside

    Re: 996 Key Remote can it be Reprogrammed?

    944 538 431 00 is correct (according to the October 2007 PET.



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