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    F1 2008 Changes

    The Playstation era is over! Manual gearboxes are the rule beginning with the 2008 season.

    We will now see who can really drive.

    Here is a summary of the mechanical changes for 2008:

    - 2.4 V8 engines (slightly less power)if a team cannot get
    2.4 engines they may use 3.0 V10's with govenors.
    - reduction in weight by 50kg
    - no electronic aides that replace driver skill
    - 10% reduction of down force over 2007 cars
    - all cars with a starter button
    - no spare car
    - standard brakes and calipers - standardized among teams
    - no power steering
    - manual gearbox with mechanical linkage and a clutch pedal with standard internals
    - ECU to be governed by the FIA (also sensors)
    - Body width increased
    - No barge boards, winglets or flip ups allowed

    This has been done to make F1 more SPORTING by increasing reliance on driver skill, reduce costs to independent and midpack teams, reduce track building costs and increase track worker safety due to concern over increasing speeds.

    Re: F1 2008 Changes

    With respect Jim, I think you are wrong. I think you are looking at the FIA proposals from 2006, not the definitive list of changes. The manual gearboxes and different engine sizes were PROPOSED by the FIA in 2006 but vetoed in terms of cost and practicality by the teams. There is no physical space in a modern F1 car for a manual gearbox and the FIA agreed in a meeting that it was impractical. It was agreed that a gearbox must however last for four races and a penalty will be imposed if a gearbox is changed within that time.

    Your other points are right, but manual gearboxes are not on the agenda and engines remain to the fixed specification of this year. Engine regulations were frozen at the end of the 2006 season.

    Edit. Also no team will now be running a 3.0 V10, everyone has V8's. Some teams were permitted to run a limited V10 for a short period of time, but all Formula 1 cars are now V8's.

    Re: F1 2008 Changes

    Then I may be wrong!!!! Thanks for catching it.

    The FIA often makes confusing pronouncements

    Check their latest latest 2008 Rules PDF and see.

    Re: F1 2008 Changes

    Damn, I got excited for a min there with the prospect of a manual gearbox. Oh well, back to playstation then.

    Re: F1 2008 Changes

    I believe the manual gearbox was deemed impractical due to the revs these engines run at. To be reliable and usable, they'll have to be so automated and actuated that they won't really be 'manual' any more.

    I seem to recall also that power steering remains for 2008.

    ECU's will be standardized and supplied by a joint company between McLaren and Microsoft.

    Appendages such as winglets and so forth remains. I think this is because it is quite hard to define what a 'winglet' is (and not accidentally ban the driver's head, for example). Power steering also remains iirc.

    Re: F1 2008 Changes

    No power steering? Are you sure? And no air con too? Damn. Well, at least the manual gearbox it's gone...

    Re: F1 2008 Changes

    ^ I think cup holders will be introduced in 2009.

    Re: F1 2008 Changes

    lol How about ventilated seats? We should stop now ...

    Wasn't F1 about pushing technology ahead? Maybe I am getting to old...

    Re: F1 2008 Changes

    i vote bluetooth and ipod interface

    Re: F1 2008 Changes

    I think an ashtray would prove appropriate so, when Hamilton's title chance goes up in smoke, he's got somewhere to flick the ash...

    Re: F1 2008 Changes

    Isn't F1 supposed to be the pinnicle of automobile engineering? Where innovations are developed, and eventually transferred onto regular road cars - independent suspension, Fuel Injection, Disk/Composite Brakes, 4 valves/cylinder, Electronic Transmissions, use of exotic materials...etc?

    Teams will spend more time/money in wind tunnels as this will be the primary source of improvement left. Which will also make passing ever more difficult. Does FIA really believe Ferrari/McLaren will spend less money?

    Reducing weight by 50kg and increasing downforce will make these cars much faster and will further reduce passing abilities since their speeds will be insane.

    If one looks at the sports car series, for example, there appears to be more passing. IMO, this is due to reduced cornering speeds.

    Here are a few suggestions which could make the sport more entertaining & less costly.

    1. Using smaller slick tires - reduce cornering speeds/reduce costs/increase passing.
    2. Limiting all teams to one dry and 2 wet tire choices - reduce costs.
    3. Reducing aerodynamics (downforce). reduce speeds/increase passing.
    4. Changing points system to one more like NASCAR, with bonus points for leading/setting fastest lap/winning etc. Points should be awarded to all those finishing each race, rather than just the top (?) - this should increase incentive to win and/or finish each race. The winner should be awarded more points than present. This is meant to provide a greater incentive to do well.
    5. FIA could eventually limit engine choices to a few manufacturers. Each team could lease the engines as in CART series - Ferrari/BMW/Toyota/MB?

    Engine and/or general car development should NOT be restricted IMO.

    Re: F1 2008 Changes

    All good points mp. Looks like they focus on something else.



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